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Viva California!

Don’t ask the questions to which you don’t want to know the answers… Great hook, huh?  This is the lead sentence Susan and I decided she should use in a query letter for the novel she just finished.  Susan, fellow … Continue reading

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From Frugal to Fabulous!

Most of us are needing to watch our pennies these days, but you don’t want to go “cheap” on your loved ones.  I figure if you decide you are going to be frugal on the money spent than you need to … Continue reading

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A Simple and Elegant Dinner…

Tonight I was having the in-laws over for dinner, but I didn’t want to spend my whole Sunday working on a meal.  To make the decision easier, they prefer a one pot meal instead of an elaborate gourmet showing.  I … Continue reading

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A Page a Month…

I like to scrapbook but I get overwhelmed with the whole idea of a “book.”  That seems like so many pages to completed when I’m challenged to find time to just complete a single page.  I decided this year to … Continue reading

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Is Ordinary Okay?

When I was 16, I thought I was an alien.  It was the only logical solution since I didn’t feel like I fit into the human race.  I had this idea in my head that I would cease to exist … Continue reading

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What kind of mommy am I?

I want to be perfect.  I know this thought sounds like a silly thing to say and honestly, I don’t think I could speak the words.  In type, it’s not that hard to admit (even though I know the world … Continue reading

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