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Fall Treats Via Pinterest

I am in love with Pinterest.  It’s a little like crack for magazine photo junkies like me!  (Is that comment in poor taste?  Probably.  But now you get the picture.  Pardon the pun.  I’ll move along…) Anyhow, I am preparing … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Veggie Tray

I just attended my daughter’s Halloween party. I actually brought a healthy treat, and better yet, the kids actually ate it! Here is my pumpkin veggie tray. The curly-cues on top are green onion tops, and you can see that … Continue reading

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Next Year’s Heart Day…

I was part of a “ladies’ night” group that met every other Wednesday when Bret was still in residency and we were still childless.  My friends and I did whatever our current fancy wanted to indulge: ice cream, drinks, dinner, … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Round-Up

It’s that time again… Time to think about {pink and red CRAFTS and TREATS} for Valentine’s Day!!! (Image courtesy of Paula’s Palace of AltAred Art.) Here is my round-up of things I’d like to make with the kids as we … Continue reading

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Decking the Halls, the Gingerbread House, etc.

Friday is our new favorite day around here.  No pre-school!  This means a morning of lounging in our pajamas and getting to do some activities that don’t require suiting up in snow gear or driving on ice.  Our last couple … Continue reading

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Arachnids and Applesauce

Maggie had surgery (tubes in, adenoids out) on Monday, and we have been home going stir-crazy since then. So yesterday I resolved to do several things: finish cleaning and folding laundry, make applesauce (large batches as opposed to the make-a-little-for-dinner … Continue reading

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Pumpkin (Mini) Pies

Today the kids and I made some mini-pies using a pumpkin cookie cutter, (cover your eyes, Mom!) store-bought pie dough, and peach pie filling from a local farmer’s market.  We used the instructions for the Sweetie Pies that I stumbled … Continue reading

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