Tara’s Critters

January 3, 2010

The kids are both full of personality lately.  Maggie will tell you point blank what she likes or dislikes (with a little rebellious attitude in her voice): “I don’t LIKE macaroni and cheese.”  Or “I don’t WANT to go potty.”  Yeah, that’s still a big issue.

And some of her phrases are so grown-up!  The other day I told her to go get two puzzles.  I wound up getting them myself, but retrieved three.  Her response:  “Mommy, did you get three instead?”

And last night, she was at the dinner table, and we suggested that she eat some more.  Her response: “I am not hungry, actually.”

And then this morning’s conversation went something like this:

Me:  “What would you like for your birthday?”

Maggie: “A birthday cake.”

Me:  “Okay…What else?”

Maggie:  “A costume.”

Me:  “You already have several of those, silly!  What else?”

Maggie:  “A juice box.”

Me:  “We can do that too.  But what kind of present do you want?”

Maggie:  “Pink.  No.  I want TWO presents.  (Holds up one finger) — pink and (holds up one more finger) purple.”

Me (thinking):  “Okay I give up.”

And then there’s Walt.  He has to eat with the table alongside him because otherwise, facing it, he’ll shove the whole table away from him with his feet.  One time he nearly tipped the whole thing over!  He has also “dipped” his socks (feet in them) in caramel and ketchup.  So he’s no longer allowed to face the table.  The dogs love it.  Easier access to the food.

Maggie asks Walt questions all the time.  “Do you want to get in the boat?” (laundry basket).  His response is always the same: a head nod with a bit of a grunt–“”Eh.”  The questions and responses sometimes go on for five minutes.

Walt is starting to put a few short phrases/sentences together.  Yesterday morning he asked, “Where’s Daddy?” when I greeted him in bed.  Otherwise, he mostly shakes his finger at me, or anyone else in his target range, and says sternly, “No, no!”  I have no idea where he learned that.

November 18, 2009

Today was another tough day in a string of several recently.  Maggie is sooooooooooooooo two, and Walt is (I think) cutting teeth.

Maggie is at the stage where she asks, “What’s that?” and “Why?” about everything.  And she keeps pushing Walt down or she puts him in a headlock and throws him to the ground.  Lots of crying always ensues! However, she makes up for these moments with cuteness and comedy. The other night Bret said he would follow us in his vehicle to the restaurant.  As we pulled away, Maggie asked me, “Mommy, are we going to swallow Daddy?”  Tonight she was so intrigued by the word “conversation” that she went around repeating it over and over (and over, and over) again.  And did you know that she can name every American Girl doll in the latest catalogue?  She won’t potty on the toilet, but she’ll happily tell you who Julie and her best friend “Ling” from San Francisco are!  Her favorite books right now, other than the catalogue, are The Library Lion and Wet Dog.

And Walt…Mr. Stinky Butt.  He has pooped his pants 4-5 times every day this week. His bottom is glowing red with open sores, and his teeth are coming through with a vengeance.  He is super-clingy right now.  I rocked him three times tonight before he finally went to sleep.  (Not that I really minded. These rocking days are numbered.)  All of a sudden, he is repeating words left and right.  Perhaps there wasn’t as much lead in his crib paint as I had feared!  He can clearly say “Momma, Daddy, juice, truck, more,” and “no.”  And several others keep popping up.  He is finally saying animal sounds too.  His first was “quack,” and now he’s moving on to cow, chicken, and baby (shhh!) noises.  Too cute!  His latest favorite book is the Little People What’s That Noise? book.

I LOVE seeing the kids dance together.  They both (fortunately) have their father’s moves.  They beg me for music, especially their “Wishy Washy” Kindermusik CD.  I also melt when they play “Ring Around the Rosie.”  Walt just wants to fall down, but it’s cute anyway!

Like the song Bret and I danced to at our wedding, “These are the days…”

October 18, 2009

Let’s see…what are the kiddos up to these days?  Well, Maggie is adorable and drives me insane.  She outright DOES NOT LISTEN when I ask/tell her to do/not to do something.  In fact, sometimes, she does the opposite of what I tell her ON PURPOSE!  She talks endlessly about going on the school bus “in two weeks” and “riding horses with Kyle” (a friend’s teenage son–I’m worried!).  She loves playing dress-up (especially as a princess) as well as building with Legos.  She is also smitten with the music from our current Kindermusik class.  We play the CD constantly.  Potty-time?  Never.  Okay, rarely.  I think she wets her pull-ups on purpose too!  However, if she does potty, she does not mind telling EVERYONE.  Last time we ate at the country club, she ran ahead of me into the dining room and yelled, “I WENT POTTY!!!!”  I could have died from embarrassment.  She loves helping me make things in the kitchen now.  We have also been working on doing some craft things, focusing on skills like holding and cutting with scissors.  This is no easy task!  I love the way she says, “I love you” before bed and is anxious to give hugs and kisses — human, Eskimo, butterfly, and fish.

Walt…I thought he was going to be quiet, reserved, sensitive, etc.  He’s a screamer.  He has very few words — still — and uses schrieking and shrills to get what he wants.  Much to Bret’s dismay, he loves cuddling with baby dolls, playing with Maggie’s Barbies, and swinging around Maggie’s wands.  He knows how to throw the most adorable kisses, and he makes a strange face by lowering his jaw and squaring off his mouth that cracks us up each time.  He got himself stuck in three places today: under the high chair, under the laundry bags, and under the kitchen table.  I’m sure he’ll crawl into the dryer tomorrow.  And he’s already punched a hole in the wall of our bedroom by slamming the door backwards.  Heaven help us.  He’s a bruiser, and he doesn’t know his own strength.  Words?  Well, other than those screams, he kind of says Mama, Dada, nose, and ball.  I just hope the paint he chewed off all around the edge of his crib didn’t contain lead.  Time will tell!  Oh–and he started walking a week shy of 15 months.  He really gets around now, often disappearing quickly into corners or other rooms.  I just hope that I can keep up!  And I’m thrilled that he finally seems to like books.  Brown Bear and Where is My Cat? are definitely his favorites.

May 25, 2009

We went camping with the kids in a borrowed fifth wheel on Saturday night. Our visitors — Husteds and Mosiers — stayed until dark, enjoying the campfire and the kids’ new Barbie Jeep with us.  I think Bret is hooked on the idea of camping now.  We just need to find the funds to buy a trailer and a space to store it.  No problem!  (Yeah, right.)  Here are the kids enjoying the Jeep, picked up at a yard sale for $75.  (They retail for nearly $300!)


April 30, 2009

Walt’s surgeries went well.  He was in the OR for just under two hours, and he took nearly three hours to come out of his drug-induced haze.  Maggie stayed with Husteds, and Bret, Walt, and I went to GR the night before and stayed in a hotel.  We had a quiet dinner and strolled through the mall afterward.  It was so pleasant that you might not have known to look at us that we were there on official medical business!

Walt had gruesome looking, tarrish green-red-almost black yuck coming out of both of his ears until as late as yesterday morning.  Boy, he really needed those tubes!  The other “area” is healing quite nicely.  He his home with me until the week of May 11 (no daycare per Dr.’s request).  Today I folded laundry while he wandered around the kitchen chewing on fake vegetables.  Quality time, I tell you!

Here he is in “jail” before the surgeries on Tuesday morning.


Did I mention that Walt got a hair cut the Friday before his surgery?  Here he is in the “hot seat.”  He was so good!


Maggie is battling nap-time right now and can be down-right raw as a result.  However, she is getting some of her most important pleasantries down.  She is good about saying things like, “Thank you very much, Daddy.”  It’s quite funny though when she hands one of us something we didn’t ask for and then prompts us to say,”Thank you!”  And when I raise my voice to her because she is not following directions, she’ll tell me in a teacher-y voice, “Don’t yell, Mommy!”  Oh, goodness…I just don’t know. (Where is the rule book for two-year-olds?)

Here is Maggie with Grandma Judy at lunch after Walt was dedicated at church on Sunday.


April 17, 2009

Here we go again.  Walt went in for his 9 month well-baby check Tuesday, and we discovered that both ears are still infected.  The doc said we need to see an ENT.  Walt is already scheduled for another small surgery in GR on Tuesday of next week.  So Bret and I ran in circles on the phone scheduling an appointment with an ENT in GR the day before Walt’s procedure hoping that the doc could sneak into the OR the following day should he need tubes.  I pray that the tubes — if inserted — end the long reign of snot in our household.  I am so tired of wiping green noses!

Yesterday I proved again that I should be up for Mother of the Year.  I was at a PEO meeting sans cell phone while half the town searched for the mother of a puking two-year-old.  Maggie had projectile-vomited twice during breakfast and her daycare worker called all over trying to contact me.  Bret finally located me through a friend’s cell phone that was accidentally still on during the PEO meeting.  I was so embarrassed for Leslie when her phone rang, and then she handed the phone to ME!  Oh well…My phone is glued to me today.  Live and learn.

April 12, 2009

Like Santa, the Easter Bunny scared Maggie this year.  We were up most of the night after a daycare party last week in which the Easter Bunny visited. She kept saying, “Easter Bunny.  Scared.”  Yesterday, Maggie was very polite all morning.  Lots of “please” and “thank you.”  But as the day wore on, she became more challenging.  At Easter lunch in a restaurant, she hit me several times and even hit our friend, Craig, once.  She was definitely ready for a nap!  Then, at a late dinner at a local ice cream shop, she began yelling in the restaurant.  Bret told her to use her inside voice, and she responded, “No, Daddy!  Be quiet, Daddy!”  Bret gave her a very stern stare, and she stared him right back down!  Holy cow…We’ve got a live one!


Walt and Maggie were both up most of last night.  One would cry, I’d calm him/her down, and then the other one would kick in.  They kept waking up one another.  I gave up shortly before six this morning and got up with Walt.  Maggie wouldn’t stop crying, so I brought her into the kitchen too.

Walt is having so much fun with “pat-a-cake” right now.  He is so proud of himself when he gets going with those hands!  He also finally began crawling forward three days ago.  Now he’s into EVERYTHING.  In fact, I just pulled him out of another corner.  He also chews on anything he can get his jaws around…his crib, the edge of the table at the restaurant, you name it.  Yesterday, he chewed through the plastic mat we stuck to the table in front of him.  He choked on the pieces of mat that got caught in his mouth, and then he threw up the plastic and his food.  Fun meal, between Maggie yelling and telling off her dad and Walt puking into my quick-moving hands.


Here are the kids in their Easter digs:


March 21, 2009

My parents, sister, and nephew just left after spending a week with us.  We packed a lot in, including going to a friend’s birthday party.  Here is a photo from the party of the kids with my sister, her son, and my mom.


And here is my sister and her son again at the party.


The kids have changed so much just in the week that we’ve had company.  Walt can now go from lying down on his stomach back to a sitting postion and vice versa, and he’s centimeters away from crawling.  He has just started waving and clapping his hands.  He REALLY enjoys pat-a-cake.  I have also started giving him a little more table food…He ate toast like a champ this morning.  I really believe he’d rather eat all table food and just skip the purees.  You should see him study everything I put in my mouth!


And Maggie…What a pistol!  She kept repeating what her aunt told her this week: “No pushing, Maggie.  No hitting.  Time out!”  She is finally understanding the concept of numbers.  Her “Omi” left a purse and some farm animals with her, and this morning she was counting each of her animals while sitting at her newly painted table in her room.


February 21, 2009

Last night was a bad night.  Bret went in to the hospital at 10 or so and didn’t return till around 2 a.m.  In the meantime, I stayed up too late crafting.

Shortly after I went to bed at 12:45, Maggie began screaming her head off. I couldn’t do anything to console her. She wasn’t satisfied by the blanket, dolly, or water that I fetched her.  She wouldn’t even let me take her out of the crib for a while.  I almost think she was “sleep-crying.”  When I finally pried her from the crib, it was as if she awoke from a stupor.  Yet she still fussed and wouldn’t go back to bed.  Of course Walt woke up too.  I was in a panic; one lap, no hubby, and two babies.  (How will oct0mom do it?)

When Bret arrived, he swept Maggie out of my arms and finally got her back in bed by 2:30.  She and Walt took turns waking up with the pager the rest of the night.  Thus “cranky” is the word to describe ALL of us today!

Once again–it’s a good thing these critters are cute!



February 18, 2009

Walt just had his third tooth pop through (top left).  His days of nursing are definitely numbered!  Speaking of teeth, Maggie had her first dentist appointment yesterday.  I wish I’d had a camera.  She sat in the chair like a champ, wearing hot pink sunglasses that the assistant gave her to wear. Ninety nine (gulp!) dollars later, we were on our way.  I am wondering if my reaction was similar to those of some of Bret’s patients…

We served at community table in Scottville last night.  Maggie and Walt went to the nursery with the pastor and his wife and another lady from the congregation.  Maggie made a game of dive-bombing head-first into the play-pen, doing a somersault, and then reaching for the pastor to pull her out.  Apparently this happened about a hundred times.  Poor pastor.

February 4, 2009

I got so tired of hearing “Mommy, Mommy, MOOOMMMEEEEE!” the other day that I yelled, “Hey! Stop that! If you keep it up, you’re going to get into trouble and go to time out!”

The-two-year-old mocking bird’s reply: “Hey, Hey HEEEEYYYY! Trouble! TIME OUT, MOMMY!”

For a moment, I considered going to another room and doing just that.

Maggie is sooooooo busy right now!  She grabs and takes off with anything she deems lotion, and her favorite past-time is climbing on the bed from the end and then sliding off the side onto the dog.  Poor Sadie.  If it’s not that, she’s getting run over by a a doll stroller.

Maggie also loves to suggest what she should have for snack or dinner. She’ll say, “How about…a cookie?”  And when we fall into the trap (every time!) of repeating what she says (“You want a cookie?”), we get an enthusiastic response: “Okay!”  She thinks we agreed and she has sealed the deal!

Walt, on the other hand, now babbles “ma, ma, ma, ma” and “da, da, da, da.”  He is enamored with Maggie, watching her every move.  It is so cute when she plays peek-a-boo with him across the kitchen table!  Walt laughs out loud at Maggie, which usually encourages her to egg him on even more.  This is especially helpful when I am trying to accomplish something, like cook dinner, on the sly.

Walt has rolls on his rolls.  The skin between two of is biggest rolls–one roll on the underside of each leg–has rubbed together so much that it is constantly in a red, nearly-raw state.  Between those areas and his dry skin patches that keep creeping up, we go through a TON of Aquafor lotion.


January 14, 2009

Maggie went #2 on the potty today.  She took two books with her to sit on the “pot!” We called her dad immediately afterward and shared the good news.

Today I noticed how ironic my kids’ feet situation is.  It’s nearly zero outside, and Walt won’t keep his socks on.  Maggie, on the other hand, wears any pair of boots she can find: cowboy boots, snow boots, her mommy’s boots.

Walt threw up twice (and a lot!) tonight….don’t know why.  We were downstairs and had to go up and change both times.  Bret cleaned up Walt, and I changed.  We are running out of p.j.s and bras around here!  And something still smells sour.  It’s probably me!


January 13, 2009

Maggie has challenged me again today.  She cried for 10 minutes or so about her gloves this morning and then again this afternoon about going on the potty.  She couldn’t decide whether she was done or wanted to stay. I just walk away when this happens.  She is quite adorable though.  She mocks our phrases now.  The other night she said, “Hi, Pumpkin!” to her dad when he walked through the door–something he usually says to her when he greets her.  And the other day she called Walt “Stinky Butt,” my pet name for him!

Tonight Bret and I cracked up over dinner.  We both got all over her for playing in the dog’s food.  And then, out of nowhere, she shrieked, “Time out, Sadie!  RIGHT NOW, Stinker Pot!”  (She is my tape recorder.  I have put her in time out many times recently, and I often call her Stinker Pot.)

In the meantime, Walt is grabbing everything–jewelry, hair, his feet.  He wants to eat every time I put food in my own mouth…He grabs for that too.  He wasn’t sleeping through the night until I read that I should be feeding him three meals of solids per day (rather than the two I had been offering him).  Who knew he could be so hungry?  Especially when he weighs 22 1/2 pounds and wears 18 month clothes at 6 months!  So now he eats 8 cubes of homemade food or two baby food containers from the store at every meal.  Holy cow!






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  1. Niki says:

    Your kids are beatiful! They look so much alike! If you could send me your email address. I will send you some updated pictures of the kids.

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