Still Riding on the Wagon

I was only guessing when I mentioned that I was five, or maybe eight, pounds up yesterday.  I bucked up and got on the scale this morning for an accurate report.  Five.  I went over to MyFitnessPal and logged my current weight.  The app recalculated my calories and stated that I now have 1210 calories per day and, if I stay on track, I could be down 7.5 pounds by February 6.  We’ll see!

One of the major problems for me in this process of eating/living healthier is “special events.”  I am often plagued with the thinking, “This is a special day.  I can have that cookie (pie, cocktail, etc.).”  I mentioned in my last post that we are currently in the Season of Sugar Cookie Ass.  This season surely has more special days than any other time of year.  There are family gatherings, parties, and lots of wonderful holidays that entice all of us to partake of an abundance of sweets, comfort food, and fun beverages.

But the truth is, life is full of special events.  Each day is a gift, and, if we try hard enough, we can justify every meal and snack as part of something special.  So the real challenge is two-fold: discerning when it really is okay to have that piece of cake, and recognizing that just because you have the cake doesn’t mean you completely fell off the wagon and should throw out all efforts to eat well and exercise regularly.  Hello, new mindset!

Old me would have gone to the Christmas office party, sampled all of the appetizers, had a couple of glasses of wine, indulged in a creamy entree, and crossed the finish line with a dreamy chocolate dessert.  Old me would have thought, “To heck with it!  I already screwed up tonight, so I’ll wait till the beginning of next week to start my diet (to exercise, to begin healthy meal planning, etc.).”  The next week would come, and I would find another special event to indulge in and wait–again–to begin a healthier perspective.  This process was never-ending!  In fact, that mind-set turned into fourteen years of marriage in which I kept waiting till next week, next month, etc. to start living healthier.

New me, thanks to wisdom gained from using MyFitnessPal, realizes that it takes about 3,500 extra calories to gain a pound. Chances are, I am not going to gain weight from one special event in which I overindulge.  I just know that I am not losing weight that day.  I can walk away with my full, full tummy knowing that I did a fabulous job of maintaining my weight that day, thank you very much!

However, I cannot live every day as though it’s an office party.  So I’ve got to make some choices along the way.  My daughter’s birthday?  You bet I am going to eat a cupcake.  My best friend’s birthday lunch?  Of course I am going to have a (small) slice of chocolate cake.  I do not want to offend her or the other sweet friend who made the effort to make or purchase the cake.  But tomorrow’s playdate when crazy kids and tired mommies come together and lay out a counter full of cinnamon rolls, monster cookies, Gold Fish, and a bowl of strawberries?  Chances are, I will pass on the sweets and go for the fruit.  Special day?  Of course.  I get to escape my messy home and connect with other women for a few hours.  That is certainly a banner day.  But not the kind of day worth putting up a temporary stop sign for losing weight.

At this point, I am 8.2 pounds away from my goal weight.  I am writing about healthy living again today in order to remain in a healthful mindset as I start the new year.  I just finished icing my groin again, and I will be off to Pilates shortly.

I am going to leave this post today with a link to a recipe.  I really enjoyed Drop 5 Pounds with Good Housekeeping, the source of the recipe, which I stumbled upon while using the treadmill.


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  1. Jo says:

    Interesting read/s Tara! xoxo

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