New Year, Old Me?

It has been two years, three half marathons, and fifty pounds since I last wrote on this blog.  Wow.  I have to remind myself of these milestones to combat the small pity party I am throwing for myself on New Year’s Day.

I just got off the treadmill after running a sad and slow 5K peppered with pain in my lower back and my left groin.  I haven’t been running or exercising much at all for the last four weeks.  Frankly, I feel a bit pudgy.  My clothes don’t fit.  I am icing my groin, and I will head to the medicine cabinet shortly for some ibuprofen.  I know that I am only about five (okay, maybe eight…) pounds up.  I can live with that.  But I am having a hard time accepting the way my body is responding to the hovering 4-0.

Between my husband quitting chewing, my current aches and pains, and the season of Sugar Cookie Ass* (yes, I said ass–this is not for the eyes of young readers–mine or yours), staying fit has been more challenging than ever.  I cannot believe that I am going to write the following statement just after using profanity, but I will go ahead and jump out of my comfort zone again…I believe that God is trying to humble me.  Logical thinking?  I don’t know.  But what I do know is that I generally don’t pray often enough, no matter my good intentions.  I think God might be trying to remind me that I need to look to Him in all ways, always.  I have been hurting more (my body and pride) and praying more often.

So on this New Year’s Day, despite my ice pack pity party, I celebrate the gains (or losses, if we talk weight) I have made.  I ran the half marathon I wrote about in my last 2012 resolutions post.  “This uncoordinated goof” really is “a little bit athletic” after all!  I also noted in my last post that I wanted to be a better wife and mother.  Better can mean improving while still being far from perfect, right?  I think I am a little better.  I don’t know what my gang might say, but I do consciously try to nag less and let housework take a back seat to family time.

As for 2014, my resolutions are as follows:

  1. Worry less and pray more.  (See “humble” reference above.)
  2. Run a full marathon.  (May 24th, Baby!)
  3. Use MyFitnessPal regularly.  (Again.)
  4. Be a better wife and mother.  (This will probably always be on my list.)
  5. Turn 40 with grace.  (No need for any more pity parties this year.  One is enough!)

Happy New Year!  Cheers to old(er) bodies and new goals!

*This reference is not meant to demean or have any connection to Christmas.  This fictional season encompasses the months of November through February when there are more sugar cookies (and other, similarly yummy and unhealthy treats) per capita than any other season of the year.  (Thanks, Mom.  Your “secret recipe” cookies prompted the naming of this season and, obviously, my current ass.)


Getting ready to run my first big race, the Free Press/Talmer Bank Half Marathon in Detroit, October 2012.

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