Decoupaged Photo Tile with Stand

I haven’t shared anything crafty or decorative lately, so I thought I’d throw a craft idea up on the blog this morning.

One of my favorite crafts to do with my students when I was teaching was a decoupaged tile.  We made them for Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.  Now I sometimes make them with my mommy friends.  I worked on a batch recently at a meeting, and I think everyone went away happy with their products.

For this craft, you simply purchase a cheap, neutral-colored tile.  (Mine was .77 at Lowe’s.)  Then you Modge Podge the front surface of the tile with a sponge brush.  Next, lay down a paper copy of your favorite photo, starting from one edge and smoothing as you move toward the other.  Keep the bubbles out!  Finally, brush on another layer of Modge Podge over the entire front surface of the tile.

After you’ve added your photo, you can embellish with all sorts of things!  If your trims, etc. are light-weight, you can use your Modge Podge to adhere them.  Otherwise, wait for the glue to dry and whip out your glue gun.  I would love to see someone who knows how to ink edges give this craft a whirl.  I think you could use all sorts of interesting techniques with this project!

Here is a simple finished tile that I will pull out every Halloween from now on.

An easy and cheap way to make a stand is to purchase a package of curtain pins — the one that contains five-pronged metal pieces (the center prong is more like a hook).  Then use a pair of pliers to bend it like this:

Voila!  Happy crafting!

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3 Responses to Decoupaged Photo Tile with Stand

  1. Jo says:

    We might have to start calling you the Decoupage-Queen… mine too will be put out every year – thanks for such a easy and cute craft.

  2. alleca3 says:

    Just make my stand! Thank you!

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