Pre-school has thrown me for a loop. I cannot seem to find time to get to my blog lately, which is sad because I’ve had a lot to say. The irony is that the kids go to school at the same time two days a week. You would think I would have more time! Definitely not.

The good news is that despite the horrific cold I fought last week, I have been pretty happy with all of the goings-on. A good friend, some other moms, and I have been tirelessly working on a library and dramatic play area at our kids’ school. It’s coming along quite nicely! And I am working on two projects for the hospital — another tree for a brunch and some ornaments to sell for the Foundation at Mistletoe Market. I have been getting to work with another close friend on the ornaments as well as a grant we just submitted for the children’s museum. I always enjoy working with her.

The kids are sassy and tall. Maggie is starting to write words. We did a project with leaves the other day and I helped her write “FALL” on the artwork. Now she’s brainstorming all of the other “ALL” words and is constantly writing notes to Bret and me.

Walt is more active than ever. He walks his dad to the front door every morning and tells him to “make good choices.” I don’t know where he’s heard that… We got his first behavior note from the teacher two weeks ago. Bret asked if I was going to keep it. Of course! But we both know that there will be plenty more.

Well, I better go hop in the shower. I just got home from walking in the cold, and my out of shape body was quick to heat up under the multiple layers I wore. I’m sure that I smell lovely!

Mondays are my day from you-know-where. Here’s hoping for a good one!

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