Toes in the Sand — Again!

Yesterday morning was a blast — literally, as you can see below!

My friend with a new baby dropped two of her kids off, and another close friend brought her three over.  It was chaotic!  The kids played in a blow-up pool and ran through sprinklers coming out of an over-sized beach ball.

Then in the afternoon my kids and I hopped in the car to attend a Great Start Family Picnic, and the following conversation ensued:

Maggie: “Mom, you don’t look like my mom.”
Me: “Really? Why?
Maggie: “Because you look pretty.”
Me: (After dumbfounded pause) “What do you mean?”
Maggie: “You’re dressed up. You did your hair, put on makeup, and you’re wearing sunglasses.”
Me: Nothing. Trying to decide whether to laugh or cry.
Maggie: “Mom?”
Me: “Yes?”
Maggie: “I wish you looked that way every day.”

Perhaps I should give those folks over at “What Not to Wear a Call.”  Can you turn yourself in?  If not, I am sure that Maggie will do the honors.

Once I got over the shock of what my daughter said, we got to the beach and had a nice visit with other families.  I got to talk with a few other moms about back-to-school shopping and dreams of a girls’ weekend involving an outlet mall.  Bret stood by with another dad and talked fishing while the kids ran in and out of the water, played with driftwood, and generally coated themselves with sand.

After five years of living here, my toes are finally getting used to living near a beach.  It’s about time!

The night ended in a quintessential summer-in-a-small-town way.  Bret and I threw the kids in the shower when we got home, dressed them in pajamas, and headed to a movie in the park.  The town sheriff  and other volunteers were showing “Toy Story 3” in the band shell.  We snuggled in with blankets, popcorn, and candy and watched the flick under the stars.

The kids lasted until just before the dump scene.  It’s scary, so we packed up and went home for a good night’s rest.

I know that I tired out those kiddos yesterday because it’s nearly eight a.m., and I’ve now had two cups of coffee in silence.  How we will top all of that today?

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