Everything and Nothing

My ears are still burning, my freckles are brighter than ever, and my hair is in a towel turban.  For not having been much of a water and sun person for the past 37 years, I sure am trying to do some catching up.

Today…wait for it…I wore a bathing suit IN PUBLIC.  AT A BEACH!  And I went in the water!!!  My friend, who was up to her ears in toddlers and tantrums, called me this morning and asked (begged?) me to accompany her to the beach.  So the kids and I packed up and spent the better part of the day at the edge of Lake Michigan.

My friend and I talked about everything and nothing (this is a nod to Heather Lende), and we even cracked open a few magazines.  The kids (I think) secretly had a contest: Who could coat his/her body with the most sand?

At the end of the day, we looked at each other and wondered out loud, “Why haven’t we been doing this all summer?”

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2 Responses to Everything and Nothing

  1. Susan says:

    Because of all the sand you’ll be digging out of your kids for the next two months? Just kidding. Glad to here you’re having fun.

  2. Jo says:

    Keep checking your Blog (as I love reading your stories) but, (sniff), life must be too busy to record.

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