Spinning Summer’s Pinwheel

Yikes!  Is it already Friday again?  I feel like we’ve been on the run since last Friday!

Well, George delivered last week.  We had a ball on Friday morning at the museum playing and waiting for our “show time” to see the giant monkey downstairs.  Our small museum was a madhouse!  I loved catching up with friends while helping one another catch children. 🙂

During the Curious George program the kids got to color a picture of George, make a craft, eat half a banana and Curious George fruit snacks, and then pose for a photo with George.  Our photo was poor quality and more of me than the squirrelly kids, as seen below.  Oh, well.  The memory is what counts, right?

My friend, Katie, cracked me up.  She and her kids went to the show before us.  She listed the events that took place, matter-of-factly ending with, “And I made a craft.”  She beamed as she showed off two perfectly-executed pinwheels that she made for her two kids after her older daughter took one look at the cut-out sheet and said, “Yeah.  That’s too hard for me.”

I magically got my kids to leave the museum without too much of a fight after the show.  The pinwheels bought me enough time to make a purchase at the children’s clothing consignment shop next door.  I bought 18 pieces of clothing at $.99 each.  Score!

Then we went on to the waterfront park where two tall ships were parked for tours.  We were too late for a tour, but my kids didn’t seem to mind because they were busy getting Blow Pops all over their hands (and clothes, shoes, sidewalk, park tables…).  My new motto: Give a kid a Blow Pop, and his/her behavior will blow your mind!  I think I’ll buy stock in Blow Pops.  Seriously! (Does it really matter that my son doesn’t get the concept of chewing, rather than eating, the gum?  This is one of many questions I often wrestle with at two a.m. when Bret’s snoring is keeping me wide awake.)

After we cleaned up and went home for a nap, we were joined by Bret.  We took off for the farmer’s market in search of peaches.  We found them, plus apples, onions, cucumbers, bread, pastries, and a large helping of guilt. Yup.  Guilt.

Walt wouldn’t keep his hands off of the just-right height tables, so I told him to keep his hands in his pockets.  Soon after, he tripped and did a full-on face plant on the pavement.  Lots of crying ensued, and he wound up with a band-aid covering half his face.  Thank goodness it wasn’t worse!  (We didn’t talk any more about hands after that.)

Soon we meandered into our favorite Italian restaurant.  The kids had their usual — spaghetti and fettucini.  Then we headed back into the streets for Friday Night Live.  All went well with rides on the cars, visits to fire and police equipment, and a brief stint in a bounce house.

It wasn’t until post-ice cream and past-bedtime that the evening abruptly ended with Walt’s tantrum in the photography gallery.  I hurriedly escorted him out the back door while he screamed, “But I want to go to the potty!!!” The shop owner came over and told us we could use his.  When we tried to take him, he only screamed louder: “I WANT TO GO TO THE POTTY!!!”  Oh. And then it finally clicked.  Party!  He wanted to go back to the party in the streets.  Nope.  We took the boy beyond control out to the car where, as usual, a wrestling match took place.  I won.

On Saturday we went to the Old Engine Club’s Kid Day.  Maggie and Walt each got to make a bird house there, and they rode on a train similar to the one from Friday Night Live.  They rode for more than thirty minutes!  They had been in the beginning of a parade and the driver took them out of the park area while the rest of the tractors, Doodle Bugs, etc. finished riding through the Old Engine area.

The kids really enjoyed their popsicles before leaving.  In fact, they enjoyed them so much that they wore them all the way home!

We finished the afternoon and evening by sitting on a friend’s beach.  It was blissful.  The kids played with the sand and water while we enjoyed a couple of adult beverages, and when we were hungry, Bret picked up a pizza from less than a quarter of a mile down the street.  We ate on a blanket and had juicy local peaches we brought along for dessert.

Before we knew it, it was after 9 p.m.  We went home with images like this one ready to be woven into our night’s dreams.

The next day, we were off to church.  We ate a quick lunch afterwards, and then we went to our daycare providers’ 40th wedding anniversary.  Then we stopped home for a quick nap and were up again for dinner and a movie.

The jury is still out on who enjoyed the movie more — the kids or Bret and me?  La, la, la la la la…We all truly enjoyed Bret’s and my childhood favorite cartoon characters, the Smurfs!

And then our crammed-in, got-Daddy-all-to-ourselves-weekend was over. It ended Sunday night with the dsicovery of water in our newly-finished basement room (the humidifier broke and flooded our furnace room and family room).

As the days of this week wound faster again and we found ourselves drenched in basement water, work demands, and often cranky kids (no one has slept well lately!), we were able to reflect on last weekend’s activities with fond smiles…two colorful and very different sides to summer’s pinwheel, spinning together.

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2 Responses to Spinning Summer’s Pinwheel

  1. Susan says:

    I’m exhausted and I only had to read it. Holy cow! Do you people ever rest? 🙂

  2. Jo says:

    Soooo, many things you’ve been up to – I think you’re the winner, your life is crazy busy!
    Jo xx

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