By George!

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Today is a special day for kids in our little town.  Curious George is coming to see all of us!  (Thanks Bill and Anna for sponsoring his visit!)  He is starting at the children’s museum, and then he’ll continue his tour with a visit to the library, the Center for the Arts, and finally, Friday Night Live. Friday Night Live is a downtown event from six to nine in which a portion of the street is closed for vendors, children’s activities, bands, etc.  It is our own little melting pot of locals and tourists celebrating our town and Michigan’s short, but extremely sweet, summer.

There are so many options today that I can’t decide how to start my map! In addition to George’s events, we could go blueberry picking, visit one of the local farms for some fresh peaches, visit one of the tall ships on display down at Marina Park, and the list goes on.  Tonight is not such a hard decision though.  We’ll meet Bret at the downtown Farmer’s Market, go to dinner at Luciano’s (a Friday night staple during any season), and then finish the evening strolling through the streets of Friday Night Live.

Yes, Maggie has a bladder infection.  We went to the doctor yesterday, and we knew she was sick before the doctor set foot in the office.  The nurse said her urine was some of the strongest she’s smelled and that the “stick” turned positive immediately.

So I’ll pump the girl full of medicine today and hope that the antibiotic and Mortrin will aid her in getting from one potty to the next without too much pain or accidents.  And, by George, we’ll have a good day.

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One Response to By George!

  1. Laura says:

    So bummed we missed George! Mattea even wanted to “Skip” camping to see him. So many wonderful things to do in Michigan in the summer not enough time. We will be home tomorrow. Hope to see you soon
    Molly keeps asking where Maggie and Walt are. She even asked me today “Where is Bret?”. I sure she was thinking about you too! 😉

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