Next Year’s Heart Day…

I was part of a “ladies’ night” group that met every other Wednesday when Bret was still in residency and we were still childless.  My friends and I did whatever our current fancy wanted to indulge: ice cream, drinks, dinner, pottery painting, an Oscar party, horseback riding, movie nights, pumpkin carvings, cookie exchanges, and more.

It seems like since I’ve rooted myself and had kids there have been fewer of those ladies’ nights — not that we wouldn’t love to do that sort of thing all the time!

The word “season” keeps popping up lately.  It seems as though this “season” is all about rearing and little about entertaining with friends.  And that’s okay.  But still.  We have to make a bit of time to “get by with a little help from our friends.”

Enter Valentine’s Day Exchange.  I am soooooooooo having one of these next year.  (Can I really wait a year?)  I stumbled upon the idea for a “grown-up” exchange over at Stephanie Ford’s blog, Simply Radiant.

Here are Ford’s decorations and food.  And here are the Valentines that everyone brought to her gathering.  The range of crafts that the women exchanged are impressive, and the colorful buckets that Ford provided to gather the goodies are darling.

My friends are pretty talented, so I would love to see what kinds of Valentines they might create!

Below are a few of the photos Ford offers on her blog documenting the exchange.

This is a glimpse of Ford’s entry to her home.  The screen-printed tote in the background is one of the “Valentines” from the exchange.

The “radiant gal” cleverly used doilies to create banners and even to decorate the bottles of milk she served at the party.

I love these cupcakes.  Wonder where she acquired the cute heart picks?

Can’t wait for my own!

P.S.  Tonight I also came across a post that has a great gathering of FREE Valentine’s Day printables.  I am a big fan of printing cards and adding my own (or the kids’ own) twist.  Here is a collection of 35 printables from The Long Thread.

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