Valentine’s Day Round-Up

It’s that time again...

Time to think about {pink and red CRAFTS and TREATS} for Valentine’s Day!!!

(Image courtesy of Paula’s Palace of AltAred Art.)

Here is my round-up of things I’d like to make with the kids as we get ready to celebrate with the ladies in Bret’s office, relatives, friends, and daycare and school-mates.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos in this come from the accompanying noted site.

1.  How about these popsicle cuties from Free Preschool

2.  I am in love with these beautiful paper heart window decorations from Our Little Nature Nest!

3.  I also love, love, LOVE this hand print Valentine card idea found at Blissfully Domestic!

4.  Here’s another decoration that I’m pretty sure the kids would enjoy making with some of their favorite cereal, found at Associated Content from Yahoo.

5.  I think I need to make the following Valentine banner myself.  Too cute! Perfect for the self-proclaimed Felt Queen!  (My craft drawers over-flow with the stuff.)

I plan to often visit The Children’s Nest, where I found a link to this craft. The author of The Children’s Nest has some fabulous ideas for families with kids!  I have added the site to my side bar for regular access. ( The banner craft idea and its photo are originally from Made by Rae, also very talented!)

6.  I am also digging these simple and surely-tasty cupcakes, found at The Children’s Nest and originally a Better Homes and Gardens idea.  (Photo from BH&G.)

7.  Martha Stewart’s sweet take on the vintage-style cones I often enjoy making should be a lot of fun too.

7.  This wreath from E-How will be a great activity for practicing cutting with scissors. Maggie is getting pretty good at using the useful tool; Walt needs more experience like this!

8.  Here’s another tasty treat idea and its photo–both courtesy of Pillsbury, that I found at Craft Jr….Certainly a simpler recipe than the cake pops I’ve tried to make in the past!

9.  One more sugary treat for this special holiday!  I found an idea for Rice Crispy Pops on a great blog, Simply Red.

10.  And here’s another great decorating idea, from another new-to-me blog called The Mother Huddle.  Again, probably something that I’ll do most of the work on, but the kids will like the gluing and the threading ribbon or yarn elements of the craft.

Yee-haw!  Can’t wait to get my Valentine’s Day partners into the kitchen for all of these fun activities!

What will you be making for this sweet day?

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3 Responses to Valentine’s Day Round-Up

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for the great ideas! I have been trying to think of things to make for Valentine’s day with the kids. I need to get better at this type of thing. You are so good at taking time out to do these sort of things every holiday!

  2. Kristen Madl says:

    So cute! We are actually getting ready to make a bunch of things too! I’ll post pics on my blog when were finished and you and I have one of the same, the Martha Stewart cones, they are just so adorable!

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