Decking the Halls, the Gingerbread House, etc.

Friday is our new favorite day around here.  No pre-school!  This means a morning of lounging in our pajamas and getting to do some activities that don’t require suiting up in snow gear or driving on ice.  Our last couple of Fridays have been spent creating ornaments, decorating a gingerbread house, and making frosted sugar cookies.

Several of our ornament ideas came from two mini-books I downloaded for $10 from Kids Craft Weekly, a great site that sends me a weekly newsletter. The kids’ favorite ornament was a wreath made out of pipe cleaners and a box of my beads.

Walt also got a kick out of playing with popsicle sticks that would later become trunks on Christmas trees.

This snowman began as a potato that we sliced, dipped in white paint, and stamped on paper.  The scarf came from my jar of fancy embroidery thread.  The buttons were made using a bingo marker/stamp.

The kids got to practice their cutting skills with the trees.  I gave them lots of baubles and some shredded red foil gift filler to decorate their green triangles.

After last month’s turkey hands, we were inspired to make Santas using our handprints too.  Santa’s cheeks and mouth are also made with bingo markers.

I mounted all of the construction paper ornaments on heavy card stock to help them withstand several more years of coming out of ornament boxes.

Here is one of the fun wreaths.  Part of the joy of making this was raking little hands through beads and inspecting the tiny pieces.

We used some of the ornaments to decorate a small tree, and the rest will go on packages for family members that we’ll see when we travel south.

We decorated a gingerbread house the same afternoon that we made the ornaments.  The kit was on sale for $7.99.  The bottle of wine from which I had a glass shortly thereafter cost about the same.  (Perhaps this was too much crafting in for two little people and their mommy in one day!)

One week later we made cookies.  Sort of.  We used Betty Crocker’s sugar cookie mix that comes in a bag.  Never again will I make two bags in the same day!  Who knew that one little bag could make SO MANY COOKIES! (Okay, I would have known had I read the back of the bags beforehand.)

So first we had to choose our cookie cutters and clean them.  After all, they have seen the likes of dirty hands, play dough, and the floor since the last time we made cookies with them!

Next, my assistant helped her semi-homemade mommy mix up the dough.

Then I laid out sprinkles, candies, and four colors of frosting and we went to town!

Brother got up from his nap just in time for quality control (taste-testing). He approved.

So here we are, approaching one more Friday before we leave to see the in-laws, out-laws (tee-hee!), and such.  Wonder what we’ll do next?  Guess I’d better have the rest of that bottle of wine on hand just in case… 🙂

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One Response to Decking the Halls, the Gingerbread House, etc.

  1. Susan says:

    I love the wreaths and agree sugar cookies always seem more fun in the planning versus the doing.

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