Mommy’s Craft-giving

I have been working on a few crafts of my own lately.  My friend Marina and I have been making hope ornaments for the Ribbons of Hope Campaign at the hospital.  They sell for $15 and can be personalized on the back, just above the printed year.  We soldered the ornaments comprised of Hope designs sandwiched in glass and adorned with a pink bead and silver hope charm hanging from the bottom.

Marina and I promoted the ornaments at our town’s annual Mistletoe Market. Here is our booth and some of the ornaments hanging from a pink tree.

At the Mistletoe Market I was also able to get a Santa photo of ONE of my kids.  Maggie wouldn’t go near Santa unless I went with her!  A very talented photographer was taking pictures and giving away the disc for free.  Great advertising for her!

Bret and I also recently decorated a tree for the hospital’s annual holiday brunch.  We created a fly-fishing themed tree called Reeling in the Christmas Spirit: An Angler’s Tree. Bret tied twelve flies and placed them inside clear glass balls.  I made some tags with trout images downloaded from the Internet.  The fish looked a little 3D after covering them with a material called “Glossy Accents.”  I enjoyed spending time putting the tree together with my mother-in-law, Marsha, who was here for a visit from Kansas.

The tree was part of a silent auction whose funds went toward new patient rooms at the hospital.

The local pageant for teen girls and young women was held the same weekend as the holiday brunch.  I put together a basket to be raffled or auctioned off at the event.  The basket was geared toward the many little pink princesses who also participated in the pageant.

Doris, my good friend and excellent seamstress, joined in and sewed a beautiful apron to go with the Princess Baking Set.  It was fun searching for Disney princess items to place in the basket, and even more fun making the tag and putting the gift together!  My daughter was extremely jealous; I know I’ll have to do something similar for her in the future.

Back to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and some relaxing with the kids…Happy Turkey Day!

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One Response to Mommy’s Craft-giving

  1. Susan says:

    You look pretty damn hot with Santa! Nice pic. Always cute crafts.

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