The Rest of the Orange Paint Story

Back in October, I posted the following plea on Facebook:

Due to a crazy toddler (under Daddy’s watch) and a good craft in a bad location (Mommy’s fault), I now have orange, oil-based enamel paint all over my cream-colored carpet and area rug in my front room! HELP! I have tried to remove it with mineral spirits and nail polish remover. Neither worked. Any suggestions???

Fortunately, 22 helpful (and some super-funny) comments later, I was able to post this:

Good news, everyone! The cleaners got everything out except for the area where I used mineral spirits (it’s barely there). They told me that in the future I should not put anything on it and just call the professionals right away. Wish I’d known…I was up half the night using Goo Gone, and then I had a major headache the next day!

Why the existence of orange paint that night?  Well, here’s the rest of the story…

The day before my carpet was forever altered, I had a Happiest Mommies and Friends meeting at my house.  We are a group of moms with kids that meets once a month to socialize and to work together to improve our community through activities like Community Table and the Mom 2 Mom Sale.

Occasionally, HMF does some crafts too.  The night of our October meeting, we made “Jar-O’-Lanterns” and Halloween signs (see the sign in the background of the photo for the bat centerpiece).

The Jar-O’-Lanterns called for orange, enamel-based paint.  The night of the meeting/craft-making, Andrea realized would be easier to roll the paint around inside the jars rather than trying to paint them.  Here we are constructing our lanterns.

Here is our station for the signs.  I printed several phrases using the font “Broken Ghost” beforehand on heavy, cream-colored card-stock.  We then each chose a printed phrase, burned the paper’s edges, and the mounted it on black card stock.  Easy!

Of course we had to take a break between crafts to graze on the fun appetizers and sweets that everyone brought, like this cauldron of salsa and spooky chips…

…breadstick bones and other savory and sweet delights…

…deviled spider eggs…

…mini witch cauldrons…

…festive cupcakes…

…And of course we had to have some beverages too.  No one touched the bottles in this container that night, but I had to include this photo.  Anyone see the irony here?

Finally, we returned to the table to put finishing touches on our little lanterns.

Everyone took home some cute decorations. 🙂

My in-laws were due to come into town the next day.  So I spent the day after our HMF gathering putting the house back together.

In the process of cleaning, I quickly set out my new lantern among other Halloween decorations.  I had no idea that there was still a pool of wet paint in the bottom of the jar!

My mother-in-law and I left the house that night, and the kids ran through the living room while playing with their dad and grandpa.  At some point, Walt grabbed the lantern and went flying with it.  The paint spilled on the carpet and all over him as he raced around.  By the time Bret found him, he and the front part of the living room were covered in safety orange.

As Paul Harvey would say, “And now you know the rest of the story!”

For the sake of posterity, I have to close with some of the funny comments left in response to my Facebook plea.

Here’s one from me:

P.S. Trying not to cry…I keep telling myself that there are far worse things…It’s just carpet, really…Right?

The rest are from friends…

Is it a classy orange? How much paint is there left…
Opportunity to redo the house?

Option 1: new rug that will last until your last child is out of the house.

Option 2: bottle of wine (to be consumed away from any carpeted areas)

Option 3: fire the babysitter

Too bad homeowners insurance doesn’t cover toddlers!

Lowes – carpet area!! Lol

Goof Off is what contractors typically use on our job sites when removing paint from carpet. It’s pretty powerful stuff, so I would definitely test a small area first and ventilate like crazy. Perhaps you can spot test Bret’s goatee for colorfastness, and then see if he passes out from the fumes. If he stays on his feet, it’s safe.

Sounds like an insurance claim!

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2 Responses to The Rest of the Orange Paint Story

  1. Jamie says:

    I’m glad you found a solution! I love your craft ideas and community get together…keep it up. Oh, and thanks for including my quote–I’m famous now, yes? 🙂

  2. happiestmommies says:

    Thanks, Jamie! And of course you are totally famous now! (You’ve always been famous to me.) 🙂 I wonder if I mentioned being part of “mommy” groups on that “what I will be doing in ten years” high school video? Life is pretty unpredictable, huh?

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