Arachnids and Applesauce

Maggie had surgery (tubes in, adenoids out) on Monday, and we have been home going stir-crazy since then. So yesterday I resolved to do several things: finish cleaning and folding laundry, make applesauce (large batches as opposed to the make-a-little-for-dinner mode I’ve been in), make spiders with the kids, and put a decent meal on the table.

At the end of the day, after many messes and lots of squabbles, all missions were accomplished. Whew!

The applesauce was a nice accompaniment to dinner, and I now have a freezer full of several more batches to get us through the winter. Yay! Not so fabulous though is my super-sticky floor…Applesauce making is always a messy process, especially when I’m trying to corral kids and dogs at the same time!

The kids and I enjoyed making spiders yesterday afternoon too.  They loved painting the egg shells, and they did a pretty good job of threading the chenille stems through the holes I created with an ice pick in the sides of the painted bases.

The spider idea came from a favorite blog of mine, With or Without Nap.  The author’s daughters just made some similar spiders, which inspired me to do some with my kids.  It was an easy craft since I already had the right kind of egg carton in my recycling bin, and the rest of the materials were in my craft supplies.  (It pays to be a pack-rat!)

I was in a hurry to finish the spiders towards the late afternoon.  So I used a glue gun to attach the eyes and glue the spiders on to their “webs.”  The kids entertained themselves by swinging their spiders around and singing “Itsy-bitsy Spider” before we hung them as decorations from the chandelier.

Shortly after the spiders were finished, I began making pork chops.  These came from our fair pig and my freezer.  (I still can’t get over how nice it is to “shop” for meat and other frozen groceries in my basement!)  The pork chops came out pretty tasty, as I used instructions found at The Pioneer Woman.

I have made Ree’s pork chops several times, and I love the fact that I just kind of throw in the spices with my flour rather than measuring things out.  This is something my Grandma Perry always does with anything she makes — rarely using a recipe — and I’ve always admired her for that.

In all yesterday was a pretty good day.  I have to admit though that the only way I got dinner on the table and cleaned the kitchen before hubby got home was by pulling out a DVD player and Dora.  It’s a guilty trick I use occasionally — one that helps me get my act together quickly and gives my mind a little peace to refocus before the ruckus of jumping dogs and squeals of “Daddy!  Daddy!” that occur when the man bringing home the bacon walks through the door.

Yup.  Arachnids, applesauce, and a touch of Dora. That was my day.

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3 Responses to Arachnids and Applesauce

  1. Wow Tara, Looks like a great day!! I love your spiders!! We should make some for the Ludington Kindermusik class on Saturday Oct. 30th. Could we make them at class or would they need to be done before hand to give out? Musically, Melinda

  2. happiestmommies says:

    Hi Melinda! Thanks for your comment. 🙂 Perhaps the paint part could be prepped so it could have time to dry and then the rest of the pieces could be assembled during class. Hmm…Sounds like fun!

  3. Jo says:

    Here’s a website that made me think of you.

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