Pink and Orange = Fall Baby Shower

I was just going through some past photos to see what I have done before for Halloween decorating.  I ran across the images below and realized I had never posted them.  They are from a shower that I co-hosted for a good friend who was going to have a baby in November.  (The baby is about to turn 2!)  I had so much fun with the colors and other details as I planned the gathering.

I made the invitations with Publisher and designed the polka-dot border.  I created a large dot on the top center of the invitation to highlight a glittery pumpkin sticker found at Hobby Lobby.  I used those 3-D dots to make the pumpkins stick out even more.  The post office folks shot me daggers when they saw the envelopes stuffed with these!  You can see a little bit of the invitation displayed on the table in a black frame.

The glitter pumpkins also showed up one side of  the tea-stained tags I created for party favors.  (The other side of each tag had the guest of honor’s initials.)  The favors themselves were fall-scented votives in mesh bags.  I know — this is a typical, overused favor.  However, they always go over well because they are something everyone can go home and enjoy.

The cupcakes (in lieu of a cake) were simple.  A local bakery made the cupcakes and frosted them with chocolate frosting and pink polka-dots.  I added a pumpkin candy (the candy-corn version) to each cupcake and — voila!  Done!  I displayed the sweet treats in a cupcake holder purchased a few years ago from Entertaining at Home (or one of those kinds of companies).  It came with removable toppers, and I used the pumpkin for this occasion.  I also tied coordinating ribbons on the outside cupcake rings to make the overall display even more colorful.  (This is one of my favorite cupcake embellishments that I do for most parties.)

The gifts given out for games were packaged in some darling, tiny felt totes purchased at Target in the dollar section, I believe.

Anyhow, this was an easy shower to do because it tied in so well with the decor that I already had going on in my house.  And I love pink and orange together!  What great colors, and a great time of year, to welcome a new little pumpkin!

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One Response to Pink and Orange = Fall Baby Shower

  1. Susan says:

    Very cute! There is an easy pumpkin cupcake to do out of the “What’s New Cupcake?” cookbook. Just another touch to look like a million bucks! Great shower pics!

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