Mad Housewife

So I don’t know why I’ve been avoiding my blog.  Like the plague.  Lately.

Well, actually, I have a small inkling as to what is going on.  I’ve come to know myself pretty well over the past (gulp!) 36 years, and my best guess for avoiding the blog (and everything else) is that I’ve gone onto shut-down mode from feeling overloaded.

I know what you’re thinking.


She’s just a housewife!

Exactly.  This is why I went and signed myself up for loads of extra-housewife-ular activities.  I REALLY never wanted anyone to think, “Oh, she’s just a housewife.”  And you know what?  I tried so hard to keep that idea off your mind that now the only way I can think to describe myself is “Housewife Failure.”

Oh, boy.  Now you’re thinking, “Whiny housewife.”  Me too.  I’ve got it great and I know it.  I’ll just shut up now.

Now that the above rambling is out of the way, I’ll share a bit about more interesting things.  For example, my husband is highly aware of the challenges our three-year-old (who constantly lures her brother into equal mischief) presents me with each day.  Bret recently brought this home in response to one of my (her, really) more challenging days.  Couldn’t have been more appropriate.  He brought home a second bottle two days later. Telling?  I think so.

In other news…My parents recently came for a week-long visit from Missouri.  My mom and I made some fabric brooches to later attach to tags for place cards at an office anniversary party.  We made them quickly while enjoying a sunny day on the deck and listening to my Norah Jones Pandora station on the computer.

I pulled out the few fabric scraps I had stashed, and we tore them into strips.  Then we did a running stitch by hand along each edge, gathered the strips into flower shapes, and stitched the flowers into place with a few more needle movements from the back to front and vice versa.  We also sewed brooch pins to the back.

The fun part was digging through my jars of vintage buttons to find just the right match for each handmade ditty.  In some cases, we stitched a smaller button on top of a larger one.

I have also been meaning to show you the aprons I made with MOPS a couple of months ago.  We took fabric dinner napkins and sewed coordinating ties to them for darling, kitchen-ready helpers.  This idea came from one of my favorite blogs, A Feathered Nest.  Please look!  She has MUCH better photos than mine.  (I hope to someday own that white tent-thing that E-bayers use to photograph their goods.  I think it would help!)

Additionally, I have been mulling over whether to do a table at this year’s Festival of Tables.  Last year, I copied a table I had done for a P.E.O. dinner party.  If I do a table this year, I think I will pattern it after some of the details I used at my daughter’s nursery rhyme 3rd birthday party.  I am hoping that a nursery rhyme table will give people ideas for teas, baby showers, and their own toddler birthday parties.

One of the items I’ve purchased for this table includes Lily Pulitzer’s set of three Party Pom Poms.  Jane Lemme, the owner of Gardener’s Folly in Pentwater, suggested I use them when I shared my idea with her.  In fact, she tried to give them to me!  She and her husband are so kind…

Aren’t the pom poms cute???

I also purchased some melamine salad plates from Target.  The jury is still out on these though.  I love the green and purple plates with polka-dots, but I am not so fond of the ones with the floral print or stripes.  My plan is to layer them on top of pink depression glass dinner plates with chargers underneath.  Charger color is still unknown.  I have gold, but I don’t think they’ll go.

What do you think of the plates?  (All pictures are from

One of my favorite current irons in the fire includes the Mom 2 Mom Sale that my fellow HMF Ltd. members and I are planning.  My team has been working diligently to get the word out about table rentals with fliers, radio announcements, a newspaper article, and some press in the local hospital’s employee newsletter.  We are trying to rent 40 tables, and so far we have 29 spoken for.  We have extended the table rental contract deadline to April 16th due to most of the town leaving for spring break.

The proceeds from this year’s sale will go to the Mason-Lake-Oceana Great Start Parent Coalition.  In turn, the Coalition will use that money to implement and stock baby pantries in each of the three counties it represents.  Here is our latest flier:

I leave you with one last photo — those darling rug-rats of mine.  When I see their sweet faces in a picture like this, I forget how much I long for a toddler manual!

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2 Responses to Mad Housewife

  1. Carrie says:

    Tara, I work harder on any day that I stay home with the boys than when I go to work. There is no such thing as “just a housewife” and you are an exemplary wife, mother, community member, and friend! Happy Spring!

  2. Tina Smith says:

    Oh my gosh! You are definitely NOT a housewife failure! I can’t believe you would even think that… you are amazing!! I love reading about the projects you do for parties and the groups you are a part of. You are a wonderful example and you encourage me to try some little projects with Paul. Thank you for sharing with us!

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