Fishing on My Birthday

Cancun?  No.  That was the plan to celebrate my birthday and escape the grips of this long, frigid, Michigan winter.  But in the end, Bret and I couldn’t leave the kids for a week.  And we decided we couldn’t afford the price tag.  So we wound up in Arkansas.  Fishing.  On my birthday.  Just call me “Saint Tara.”  No, really…It was a lovely long weekend — just enough to get away before losing my religion with kids, dogs, an always-messy house, and too many irons in the fire.

So here is evidence of our Arkansas Trip to P.J.’s Lodge on the White River:

…The back of the lodge.  Bret wound up buying a set of the wind chimes seen in the photo as a souvenir and birthday gift from a local woman.  They sound like church bells, and I was in love after I first walked under them.  (They just arrived on our porch today!)

…A view of the river from the back of the lodge.

…Another view at sun rise, the morning of my birthday, before we headed out on the river to fish.

…More water; so pretty — even with the absence of leaves and green brush lining its banks.

…Dinner on the night of my birthday.  See the thick layer of sauce on top of my steak?  Blue cheese!!!   Mmm…The food was as good or better than any we’ve had in Chicago or otherwise.  We rated this restaurant in our top three EVER.   Everyone in the region seemed to know Julie, chef and proprietor of the lodge.  We were able to see why first-hand.

…The dining room where we ate breakfast (stuffed french toast, pancakes, egg and cheese-stuffed croissant) and dinner each day.

….The main room/foyer that greeted us as we entered the lodge.

Despite my multiple layers, I was FREEZING!  Yet I managed to out-fish Bret in the morning!  We caught rainbow trout.

…Bret didn’t have much trouble relaxing!

…A few days away, a beautiful location, good food, good fishing, and a fabulous husband.  Some things truly are priceless.

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3 Responses to Fishing on My Birthday

  1. Kristen Madl says:

    I LOVE these beautiful photos, how adventurous and romantic at the same time!;)

  2. Kristen Madl says:

    Oh yea, one more thing, you look FABULOUS my friend!

  3. Susan says:

    Very good photo!

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