Valentine’s Day Recap

I fell of the blog wagon. Too much going on, and I’m not really excited about recent pictures I took. Very blurry!  Sorry!

Anyhow, the kids and I made some things for the Valentine’s Day party at the office.

Maggie and I created our version of  Chocolate Dipped Krispie Valentine Treats from No Fuss Fabulous.  We skipped the sticks and they still turned out pretty cute.

We needed something in which to hold our Valentines, so I helped Walt make a dump truck from No Time For Flashcards.  We made the back of the truck into a pocket to hold cards.

Maggie really enjoyed making her Love Bug Valentine’s Day Card Holder, whose idea was found at Danielle’s Place.

And for cards, Maggie made laced Valentine’s Day hearts as seen at Amazing Moms.  I thought this would be a good activity because Maggie enjoys threading beads on laces with one of her toys.  To make the lacing easier, I placed a small tape roll over the end of the ribbon before having Maggie thread it through the hearts.  (Sorry about the poor photo quality!)

As for Walt and me, we each gave the office girls Valentines purchased, downloaded, and printed from Etsy. Mine were the vintage cards, and his were the cute animal ones.

Maggie and I also made a Be Still My Heart “stained glass” hanging hearts for each “auntie” and “grandma” (from No Time for Flashcards).  We added glitter to ours.

And then my dear mom whipped up a batch of darling love birds, as seen at Molly Chicken.  Each lady at the office received a love bird nested in a travel mug (found at my favorite store, TJ Maxx).

We also dropped a cute pot scrubber in each girl’s Valentine holder.  These were found in pairs at JoAnn Fabrics.

Overall, we had fun preparing for and celebrating this pink and red, heart-filled holiday!  I have truly enjoyed finding food and crafts that I can make with the kids.  Doing activities with children adds a whole new dimension to honoring the seasons and their accompanying holidays.

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