Chocolate Health Seminar

I had the joy of trying out my cake pops on a crowd at a chocolate party on Wednesday.  The host and most of her guests were members of P.E.O., so it was a bit like a social meeting with a few new faces sprinkled in.  The food was fabulous; everyone had to bring a dish that contained an element of chocolate.  Of course there were several desserts…However, the spread also included appetizers and main course items like chocolate-dipped tortilla chips with salsa (super-yummy, actually!), meatballs with mole (chocolate) sauce, chili infused with chocolate, and a fruit salad and lettuce salad that each included the star ingredient.

Every dish was beautiful (or at least interesting-looking — see immediate photo) and yummy, but the one that caught the most “buzz” was the platter of mice, cheese, and…You’ll see!  (What do chocolate sprinkles resemble in the mouse realm?)

Here are the mice and some of the other dishes.

I appreciated the formality of the tables, right down to the place cards.  I love it when someone pulls out their fine china; what a nice change from the paper plates we use at home!

The food made for a nice presentation on the plates!

Later  in the day, I gave the kids some “mice” I brought home as a snack. It was a little creepy to see the tails hanging out of their mouths…

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