Homemade Treats in My Kitchen

Maggie and I have been busy making some of the Valentine’s Day treats that I blogged about earlier.  She and I made the Kissable Valentine’s Day Pretzels from No Fuss Fabulous.  We used Brach’s Chocolate Stars on the pretzels instead of Hershey’s Kisses.  I didn’t want to mess with unwrapping all those kisses, and the unwrapped ones in the baking aisle are so expensive (and not many come in a bag).

These are quite yummy.  I love the salty-sweet combination.  I will be taking them to a friend’s annual Chocolate Health Seminar today, and I imagine I’ll take home an empty platter!

Maggie and I also made Sweetie Pies from The Farm Chicks.  I couldn’t find any pre-made dough to roll out, so I resorted to using a pie crust recipe from my new Martha Stewart’s Cooking School cookbook.  This was probably the third time I have made crust in my life, and I must say that it turned out pretty well.  It was so nice to have step-by-step instructions and pictures as a guide.

The Sweetie Pies were a HUGE hit with my husband (the taste-tester who had to try a few just to make sure he gave a legitimate review) as well as the girls at my M.O.P.S. steering meeting.  The pies were gone in an instant!

I used homemade raspberry freezer jam in the center of the pies…Mmmm. Like the above treats, these had a great salty-sweet combination.  Martha’s crust recipe called for coarse salt, and I loved the way it made the flaky pastry taste.  My pies certainly weren’t as pretty as Serena’s, especially since my dollops were little large. However, given the response I received, I will make these again and again.

I also finally attempted my hand at Cake Pops from Bakerella.  Oh!  What a messy treat to make!  And so delicate to work with!  I made these over the course of two days with lots of refrigerating in-between.  I think I’ll freeze the pops next time for a little more stability when dipping them.

Dare I say it….These are almost too sweet!  One mom suggested trying dark chocolate sometime.  But again, great reviews came in from my husband, kids, and M.O.P.S. gals.  I dipped some pops with the moms at my meeting so that they would have an idea of how to work with them.  We will make them again next week with a group of 35 women.  I hope to receive some positive feedback at the chocolate gathering today too.

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4 Responses to Homemade Treats in My Kitchen

  1. Annie says:

    WOW! All these lovely treats! You are a happy and fun mom! Your pretzel treats are sooo gorgeous! Those stars really made them look great! We definitely think you are fabulous!

  2. Annie says:

    I really like exclamation points! Can you tell? LOL!

  3. Susan says:

    The cake pops are super cute. I haven’t looked at the recipe yet, but they look hard to make. I love the little pies and I’m glad they taste good too. Maybe I will try that. Do you have any suggestions for food for a V day party, not sweets? We are doing the chocolate fountain, but I kinda wanted something more original for lunch than pb&j sandwiches cut into hearts.

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