Something “Heartsy” to Blog About!

I want to alert you to a VERY cute (and probably extremely tasty) Valentine’s day treat that I just read about over at Farm Chicks.

I would love to make these Sweetie Pies.  I am wondering whether I could “fake it” a little and use store-bought pie crust?  I enjoy making things with Maggie in the kitchen lately, and I can see myself pulling the pre-made dough out of the fridge (when else would I make it — in my sleep?) and whipping up a batch of these pastries for Daddy.  We could use homemade strawberry freezer jam (made and frozen last summer) in the center.  Yum!

Photos courtesy of Farm Chicks, the fabulous blog that I love to stalk!

Because the Sweetie Pies are made from dough and jam, they remind me of some treats that my friend Cathie brought to a M.O.P.S. (Mothers of Preschool) steering meeting.  I just found recipe at for Easy Crescent Danish Rolls, similar to Cathie’s delicious treats.  Cathie’s pastries had the cream cheese and jam added to the crescent rolls and none of the other “frills” listed in the Pillsbury recipe.  Yet they melted in my mouth! Here is a photo of Pillsbury’s version, borrowed from their site:

Sometimes I think that if I post stuff like this, I will be forced to make it. It’s kind of like telling the world that you intend to lose 20 pounds (which I’m not saying, by the way).  Everyone then watches to see if you follow through!

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One Response to Something “Heartsy” to Blog About!

  1. Susan says:

    You know, homemade pie crust is easier than you think. I’m interested to know if the pies are good. If you make them, will you share if they are tasty?

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