It Takes a Village…

I feel an immense amount of gratitude for the recent help of so many people:

My mom, who sews the CUTEST stuff in bundles of five and even twenty-five (!)…My in-laws, who always come at hectic times and roll their sleeves up and pitch in with stamina, smiles and humor…Dick and Doris, who take my crazy kids or fruit (!) when I am in a bind and even bind window treatments (specifically–a lovely cornice!)…Dick and Judy, who also willingly take my kids (no matter their moods!) and who jump through hoops with power tools (specifically to make a gorgeous mantle and to dismantle two tables!).

There are so many more folks whose names I could add to this list, but the above are especially on my mind right now.  We just finished some remodeling in the basement, and the special people I mentioned made this process — during and after — much more manageable for my family.  I am so thankful.

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One Response to It Takes a Village…

  1. Susan says:

    I would love to see some photos of the new basement.

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