Body is in Shock

Okay…four days now without caffeine.  Four days with no pop.  Four days of eating food that I don’t really like.  Four days of a very hungry Tara. First day of exercise class at 5:50 a.m.  I tried to envision myself in a bathing suit on a beach while doing my (what seemed like) 50th strange, painful side push-up.  It was not an easy image to evoke since I haven’t been in a bathing suit on the beach since my junior year of high school…

Getting healthy so I can live longer is killing me!  I am done whining.  For today.

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3 Responses to Body is in Shock

  1. Susan says:

    Not that I would ever be one to dispense advice about how to be successful in losing weight, I do have many failures under my belt to learn from. My motto for 2010 about getting healthy is “one good choice at a time.” Instead of everything being perfect, it’s one choice at a time. I did move to drinking my daily supply of what before having a Diet Pepsi (this is a big deal for me!)

    Good luck to you! When you are successful, you could post the photos!

  2. Susan says:

    You have got to check out the SAHD’s blog (Aaron’s.) You will understand…

  3. Susan says:

    A haiku:
    New treadmill today.
    Both worked out.
    Couple in agony.

    Okay, it might not be an actual haiku in the literary world.

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