December Post: Check (Done!)

So I may only post once this December.  Christmas is knocking loudly, and there are certainly many things to be excited about and blessings to recognize right now.  In the spirit of the season, here is a list of good things I’ve noticed or experienced recently.

  • Last week I called the newspaper to have them hold my papers for a few days.  The lady who answered yawned on the phone ( I caught her!) and joked with me about how her two “kids” — one 9 months and one 43 years (ha!) — had kept her up the night before.  My mind sure did wander when it came to the 43 year old!  I told her that I hoped it was a “good thing.” And I added, “But then again, it all depends on perspective, doesn’t it?” How we laughed at our 8 a.m. exchange!
  • My kids were adorable when they saw they’re Santa gifts on their early Christmas morning last weekend.  Maggie nearly squeezed the stuffing out of her new American Girl Doll, Kirsten, and Walt was glowing when he saw his train.  I believe his reaction included, “Ooooooooh!”

  • Bret did a bang-up job (all on his own!) of picking out my two Christmas gifts.  They were exactly what I wanted, even though I hadn’t known before Saturday morning that I wanted them.  You know?
  • Maggie sat through her first performance last Saturday night — a dance recital.  She was enamored with the “ballerinas” at what she dubbed the “Barbie Dance.”
  • The drive-through lady at McDonald’s is such a joy.  Two things about “Old McDonald’s” (Maggie’s name for it) make me smile: the a.m. clerk’s sunny attitude and sweet words (even when I’m on the cell phone while I’m ordering or paying — sooooo rude, huh?), and the recent visit when someone in front of me paid for my meal.  I am now convinced that this fast-food joint is not such a bad place after all.  (They do sell yogurt, apples, and bananas now, and their new coffee is excellent, which has also helped repair their reputation with me.)
  • Christmas has been made more special this year by all of the elves and their families from Bret’s office.  We were invited to the house of one dear “Grandma Judy,” and the rest of the elves have stopped and surprised us with darling gifts for the kids over the course of the last few nights.  They are all like family, so it has been a joy to continuously celebrate the season with them.

  • Our basement remodel is coming along quickly.  The banging from below is a constant reminder of progress at nap time and otherwise!
  • I will never look at grapes the same.  A little girl asked her mom for some at the supermarket when I was within earshot the other day.  The mom replied, “No, we can’t afford them today.  Maybe next time.”  I wanted so badly to buy the grapes for her.  Instead, yesterday I took three angels off the tree for C.O.V.E., a shelter and outreach program, and provided gifts for three needy children.  I mention this not to toot my own horn but because it made me feel good and I kept envisioning the little girl who wanted the grapes.  I pray that someone responded through a similar program for her.
  • The tree at the Women’s Imaging Center looked beautiful, pink candy canes and all!  We sold 46 ornaments and over 30 pendants, for a total of $1,012.  I was pleasantly surprised by the response from the public — especially when the fundraiser was not hugely publicized and the economy isn’t the greatest.  We did, however, get some coverage on WZZM, a channel out of Grand Rapids. A host named Catherine showed one of the ornaments on her morning news program, “Take Five,” last week.

So there it is.  My one December post with a random list and a few holiday photos.  I’ll improve my average next year.  Promise.  Merry Christmas!  Happy end of the first decade of 2000!

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