These are the Days

Inspired by this blog’s other/guest Happiest Mommy, I have been trying to regularly place an entry specifically about the kids in “Tara’s Critters” with the hopes that I can print it off someday and place the entries in the kids’ scrapbooks.  (Who am I kidding?  What scrapbooks? Doesn’t hurt to dream!)

Here is a peak at the latest entry that I posted after a long day of endless crying.  Sigh.  It’s finally quiet.

November 18, 2009

Today was another tough day in a string of several recently.  Maggie is sooooooooooooooo two, and Walt is (I think) cutting teeth.  

Maggie is at the stage where she asks, “What’s that?” and “Why?” about everything.  And she keeps pushing Walt down or she puts him in a headlock and throws him to the ground.  Lots of crying always ensues! However, she makes up for these moments with cuteness and comedy. The other night Bret said he would follow us in his vehicle to the restaurant.  As we pulled away, Maggie asked me, “Mommy, are we going to swallow Daddy?”  Tonight she was so intrigued by the word “conversation” that she went around repeating it over and over (and over, and over) again.  And did you know that she can name every American Girl doll in the latest catalogue?  She won’t potty on the toilet, but she’ll happily tell you who Julie and her best friend “Ling” from San Francisco are!  Her favorite books right now, other than the catalogue, are The Library Lion and Wet Dog.

And Walt…Mr. Stinky Butt.  He has pooped his pants 4-5 times every day this week. His bottom is glowing red with open sores, and his teeth are coming through with a vengeance.  He is super-clingy right now.  I rocked him three times tonight before he finally went to sleep.  (Not that I really minded. These rocking days are numbered.)  All of a sudden, he is repeating words left and right.  Perhaps there wasn’t as much lead in his crib paint as I had feared!  He can clearly say “Momma, Daddy, juice, truck, more,” and “no.”  And several others keep popping up.  He is finally saying animal sounds too.  His first was “quack,” and now he’s moving on to cow, chicken, and baby (shhh!) noises.  Too cute!  His latest favorite book is Little People’s What’s That Noise?

I LOVE seeing the kids dance together.  They both (fortunately) have their father’s moves.  They beg me for music, especially their “Wishy Washy” Kindermusik CD.  I also melt when they play “Ring Around the Rosie.”  Walt just wants to fall down, but it’s cute anyway!

Like the song Bret and I danced to at our wedding, “These are the days…”

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One Response to These are the Days

  1. Susan says:

    Very cute. It’s funny the things that they do. When they get older (and you feel much older) the milestones come so fast, it seems. We went through the loss of the first tooth, a parent-teacher conference where the teacher said our son “was not like other kids in class” and first girlfriends. (Okay they aren’t really his girlfriends, but we still tease. Twins, of course. We call him Hef!) I think remembering these little things are a great treasure for them. Wouldn’t you love to know what you did when you were three and not needing to rely on your mother’s memory?

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