Santa Plus One–Again!

Mistletoe Market went well today.  It was a looooong day though.  The ornaments and pendants brought in about $400.  I am not the greatest bookkeeper, so I don’t know how many of each I sold!

Bret brought the kids up for a free photo with Santa.  That didn’t go so well though.  Neither child would sit on Santa’s lap.  Maggie clung to her dad behind the photographer, and Walt would only look at Santa from the comfort of my arms when the jolly old guy dangled a candy cane in front of him. (Shocker!)  So, for the second year in a row, I only have a photo of Walt and Santa.  Perhaps next year will be that third time’s a charm sort of thing.

Here are the fruits of our photo efforts today.




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One Response to Santa Plus One–Again!

  1. Susan says:

    Maybe as it gets closer to Christmas and they see more of Santa, they will become more comfortable. We can only hope.

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