Recovering on a Wednesday

It’s eleven o’clock, and I’m still in my pajamas.  So are the kids.  They are playing in an empty box they call “the boat.”  Maggie says they’re going on an adventure.  I love cheap entertainment!

We are laying low after a busy weekend and a crazy Tuesday.  I am co-coordinator for MOPS this year, and I have a hard time unwinding after each meeting.  Yesterday was our fourth MOPS meeting.  Although it went fairly smoothly, the kids and I were sassy and tired the rest of the day.

Speaking of low-cost thrills (the empty box mentioned above), the kids have also been playing with their ribbon wands this morning.  I just made them after seeing the idea on a blog called The Doctor’s Wife. I happen to hoard ribbon, so this was an easy craft to whip together.  My favorite thing about this “toy,” other than its cost, is that it’s safe.  The kids love swinging things at one another these days, and ribbon wands are soft without any sharp edges.  (Less crying and fewer bruises — always a bonus!)



On another note, my fellow pendant-maker, Cora, and I are gearing up for Saturday’s Mistletoe Market at Lincoln Hills.  Cora just soldered 12 more pendants, and we are hopeful that we will sell several at $10 each ($12 with chain).  I also need to paint a few more ornaments before this weekend, as I will be selling those too.  Here are some photos of the pendants and keepsake ornaments (to be personalized for $15 each and hung on a special Women’s Imaging Center tree) on a table at the Miss Ludington pageant last weekend.




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One Response to Recovering on a Wednesday

  1. Susan says:

    I think your ornaments are cute. I’m impressed with your photography. Nice shots.

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