Pink Weekend

I have been seeing pink for quite a few days now, and this weekend is only getting “pinker!”  I have been finishing some pink ribbon pendants with the help of a sweet lady named Cora, and I’ve been driving pink ribbon ornaments here and there to be displayed (and hopefully sold!) at various weekend events.  Next weekend I’ll sell both items at the Mistletoe Market held at Lincoln Hills.

I also decorated two Christmas trees this week — one for a P.E.O. auction and one to be raffled off at the Power of Pink Brunch on Sunday.  You know, I cannot believe myself sometimes!  Too crazy!  I wasn’t happy with the tree for the brunch, so I went back to the hospital and put more decorations on it the day after I dropped it off.  I don’t know whether I made it look better or worse!  Confidence…Can I ask Santa for some for Christmas?

Anyhow, yesterday I had the pleasure of getting to help decorate for a hospital open house.  Even though I was only able to spend an hour hanging pink lanterns, it was lots of fun.  Sometimes it feels good to be needed outside of my home, and I love working with new people in the community.

Today I got to attend the hospital’s open house celebrating its new Women’s Imaging Center.  I became teary-eyed as the C.E.O. discussed how fortunate we all are to live in this kind community.  He’s totally right. This is a special place full of extremely giving and gifted people.  Bret and I are lucky to be able to raise our family here.  

The open house offered tours of the new facility and lots of yummy food.  I especially enjoyed the chocolate-dipped cookies and mountains of cheese cubes!

Tonight I volunteered at the Miss Ludington Pageant — another pink venue. The event was tied to the Power of Pink campaign, so it was entirely decorated with pink Christmas trees, topiaries lit with pink lights, pink lanterns, and yards and yards of pink tulle.  So ethereal!  I helped at the ticket and t-shirt tables and proudly displayed the fundraiser pendants and ornaments.  

And thank goodness my mother taught me to always remember to wear lipstick!  My friend Leslie and I were told that we would be helping direct the princesses in a back room.  Instead, we were put up front because of a shortage of hands.  We didn’t think we would see anyone other than young girls, so we were completely underdressed!  But at least my lips looked good, darn it!

Tomorrow will be the highlight of the weekend.  Some friends and I will attend the Power of Pink Brunch at the Cartier Mansion.  It’s another fundraiser for the women served by the Women’s Imaging Center.  My tree and fourteen others along with several wreaths will be raffled off, we’ll hear from the new Miss Ludington and Miss Michigan, and we’ll get to eat some great food and drink pink peppermint punch.

Here are my two trees (before redecorating!).  They are meant for someone to personalize with family photos.  The first tree in the pot is for the brunch.  I decoupaged the pot with red tissue and then created the polka dots with paint.  The frames on both trees came from a dollar store, and the tags came from Marshall’s.  I stamped them with some small letter stamps purchased a while back at Michael’s for $1.  The rest of the decorations came from a dollar store, Marshall’s, or Michael’s, with the exception of the small silver bell garland on the second tree.  It came from Crate and Barrel in Chicago.






On another note…I just found out that a beloved member of our community, Lydia Schmock, passed away last night after a long battle with cancer.  She was a mother.  A daughter.  A sister.  A friend.  It could have been me.  It could have been any of us.  Let us all have hope.  Let us all pray that all of those shiny pink ribbons tie up a cure SOON.

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