Is it Christmas Yet?

Halloween is sooooooooo passe, or at least that’s how I felt for a few glorious moments today when a friend named Paula dropped off some Nell Hill’s goods!  Paula went on a trip south recently and convinced her husband that Atchison, home to Nell Hill’s, was “on the way.”  (It wasn’t.) Fortunately, she called beforehand and asked if she could pick anything up for me.  I would normally pass on such an offer, worried that I might inconvenience someone.  However, I could not help myself this time!  “Yes!” I replied.  I asked Paula to retrieve six cool woven place mats/chargers with handles and Mary Carol’s new book, O’ Christmas Tree.


After Paula left, I combed through every inch of the book.  Three times. What laundry?  And then I took some quick photos of my fall stuff, because I’m afraid that Mary Carol’s inspirational book won’t let my black and orange linger too much longer!  Can you find the kids’corner?

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One Response to Is it Christmas Yet?

  1. Susan says:

    It is amazing how well you decorate the house. I do a couple ceramic pumpkings on the credenza and think it’s something it special. Wow! So impressive.

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