Update on a Fast Fall

The vibrant trees here are absolutely gorgeous, and my babies are growing big. So much is going on, but I am attempting to remain aware of the “moment.”  I ran into a 92-year-old man at Wal-Mart last week who commented during a brief conversation, “I’d give anything to be your age again.”  So here I am, Lord willing, and, despite the wheels that continue to race, attempting to remain cognizant of the true blessings that surround my family.

Last weekend we took the kids south to Lewis Farms.  We ran into good family friends there, Kalchiks and Mosiers.  The farm was full of pumkpins, animals to feed, an elephant to ride, activities like a bouncy blow-up pumpkin, a giant pillow and huge slides for the kids to play on, and tasty fall treats.  The kids LOVED the pillow and the slides.


I also attempted to do some hands-on activities with Maggie over the last two weeks.  One day I had her string some fall necklaces for the ladies in the office. I was amazed by her ability to do this on her own!  Another day we “made” a doll from a kit I purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby.  She LOVED placing the foam sticker pieces on the doll’s dress.  That day we also made chocolate pudding and put together “pudding in a cloud” desserts with fall leaf sprinkles. (I’ll admit that my motivation to do this activity was for the two of us to wear the adorable mother-daughter aprons my mom sent a while back!) Maggie helped herself to some of the sprinkles off one of the pudding cups when we finished.  She was in hog-heaven!

And what did Walt do during all of this? He walked around the kitchen, getting into trouble (he’s been walking since a week before he turned fifteen months), or hung out in his high chair, snotty nose and all.

Good friends Jo, Laura, and I also hosted our first formal Happiest Mommies and Friends meeting last week.  Jo was our fearless, professional, and — at times — comical leader as we discussed membership, Community Table, and the Mom 2 Mom Sale.  Next we moved on to social time in which each of us made a fall cone — a craft I came up with after perusing some old Halloween magazines.  The fall treats that the ladies brought were adorable and tasty; I only wish I had brought out the camera sooner!
Then last night Bret and I were part of a progressive dinner held by my husband’s colleagues and their spouses in honor of Bret’s and another friend’s (Kerry’s) birthdays.  The cake read, “Happy Birthday Bret and Kerry! Cheers to your thirties!” with two mugs tipped toward one another.
We had four stops: appetizers and drinks, dinner, dessert, and after-dinner drinks.  Our home was the dinner stop.  Thank goodness for Luciano’s!  We ate Leo’s lasagna, salad, and garlic bread amid pumpkins and candlelight. Twenty-two people sat around four tables in my dining and living rooms. It felt like our house was transformed into a little cafe with much chatter, glow, and music!  I really enjoyed seeing the other homes (it felt like a homes tour!) and visiting with people whom I generally only see once or twice a year.  Everyone agreed that we should get together more regularly.
It’s been crazy and fun around here at the Autrey household.  And it will certainly continue!  I am doing my best to make sure that I will have wonderful memories to reflect upon when I finally stop to catch my breath at 92 on a Wal-Mart bench.
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One Response to Update on a Fast Fall

  1. Susan says:

    Wow, the kids are growing up so fast. I’m impressed with all the activities…but not surprised. That looks great!

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