P.S. to Happiest Leaders Post

P.S.  I am coming back to remark on yesterday’s post after having seen Brandy’s comment (which was a nice one, by the way!).  About that “perfect” remark…I am not so sure that I was trying to amplify that impression.  But if that’s what came through, then I’d like to refer to a few posts back when I was pretty stressed about being a mommy and juggling life outside of our home.  Yesterday’s post — quite a contrast —  is just a feeling on that particular day.  I do feel good about what’s been going on, but honestly, most days are huge hurdles.  Walt was so crabby yesterday from a severe rash that I was ready to tear my hair out!  

After seeing news of Patrick Swayze’s death though — and who didn’t love Dirty Dancing? — it’s pretty hard not to be reminded that we are ALL pretty darn fortunate, and the majority of us are doing a great deal to help others. And maybe if we focused more on why life is pretty good, this world would be a better place all the way around.  Right?  I’d like to believe that. After all, the title of this blog is “The Happiest Mommy on the Block.”

Here is a new photo illustrating why life here is pretty good.  These kids…They drive me nuts sometimes, but they are so cute!  So funny!  Did you know that every time Bret or I go potty now we are congratulated by Ms. Maggie?  Every trip to the bathroom is a celebration.  Who knew that this would happen with kids?  It’s all a new ride!


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