Three Years (and Counting!)

Today I met with the wife of a pediatrician candidate.  My job was to tell her all about this great little town and help “woo” her and her hubby to the area.  (We REALLY need another pediatrician!)  It felt so odd to be on the other side of the coin when, just a short time ago, I was the nervous one trying to say and wear the right things and make a big life decision.  That line Bret and I balanced on — the one where we were soon crossing from a transitional life to a permanent one — was the most exciting and most terrifying we’ve ever faced!

So here we are three years later with the knowledge that (barring some unforseen catastrophe) we will celebrate the rest of our family’s anniversaries, birthdays, and even our children’s weddings in Ludington.  The friends I have now will probably be the ones attending my funeral — or I will be at theirs.  As morbid as that sounds, it feels pretty good.

I hope that Leah and her pediatrician-husband will arrive at their three-year mark content with their decision too (here or elsewhere!).  It feels good to know when you are truly home.

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One Response to Three Years (and Counting!)

  1. Susan says:

    Cute title at the top. Very artsy! You’re sure we still can’t convince you about Oregon?

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