Summertime, and the Livin’ is BUSY!

Lots happening this summer…I’m too busy, it seems, to blog often.  Or maybe it’s just that the weather is so beautiful; who wants to stare at a screen when the real joy of the season is in the warmth drizzling from the sky, languishing between long, green limbs of trees that have been frozen in slumber for too long?

We’ve been trying to cram in lots of memory-making moments around here, like a Mexican dinner party with some P.E.O. sisters and friends.  This was a test-run on the auctioned dinner that two other women and I will be presenting in mid-July.  We enjoyed a beautiful salad with pumpkin seeds (imagine that!), shrimp enchiladas, rice, and a gorgeous creme brulee. Here is a photo of the salad on the table.


I also had the pleasure of helping host a dear friend’s birthday party. I use the term “host” loosely because I really didn’t do too much this time around.  Others called guests, made the centerpieces, etc.  I just helped split the cost of the room and took photos.  Here is the birthday girl blowing out a candle on her uber-delicious Chef John’s cake.  I threw any thoughts of dieting out the window for a slice of this heavenly chocolate delight!


And then we just celebrated Walt’s first birthday, cowboy style.  I had so much fun planning and crafting the “wanted”-style invitation, happy birthday banner, flags, cupcake pics, party favor buckets full of cowboy/campfire grub (smores kits included!) and cake.  Here are some photos from the event:






Now I am turning my sights to this weekend’s sip and see shower (yes, another one!), the Festival of Tables, and helping my mom finish favors for a 4th of July family reunion.  But most importantly, I am enjoying time with my family on the back deck, savoring my children’s childhoods that are as fleeting as the fireflies that quickly come and go on our warm nights.


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