Mexican Tablescape

I am working on a Mexican-themed tablescape for a P.E.O. dinner coming up in June.  It is another meal that two sisters and I offered for auction at our chapter’s annual fundraiser.  Once again, we will hold the dinner in a backyard surrounded by a beautiful garden, weather permitting.  

I want to get everything organized now so that I am not stressing at the last minute (like usual!).  So over the past couple of days I have been shopping at Meijer and all of the local dollar stores trying to collect pieces. I have especially been looking for small, colorful planters and maracas to use for place cards/favors, but neither are to be found in my metropolis.  I think I will scour Oriental Trading Company for what I need.  

Anyhow, below is a “test run” using a (WRINKLED — oh no!) table cloth that one of my cohorts brought back from Mexico a few months ago.  The flowers in the center are just something I threw together (er…threw in the cart at Dollar General) this morning.  Any suggestions?  I am game for ANY.

mexican tablescape

mexican tablescape2

mexican tablescape3

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2 Responses to Mexican Tablescape

  1. Susan says:

    Maybe citrus like limes and oranges can fill in for color if needed on a centerpiece. I was thinking of Sangria.

  2. Jo Kalchik says:

    Tara, I have a whole tub of Cinco de Mayo items that we use every year that you’re most welcome to pick through – there may be a few things that you can use. The tub is currently sitting at the foot of my downstairs stairs (waiting to be put away). Things that come to mind are a couple of pepper containers and also some similar colored pots that you already have on the table.
    Talk to you soon.

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