A Calgon Moment Derailed

Walt had surgery this week, and things have been hectic since then. Between Walt’s cries of pain, Maggie’s sassiness and no-nap days, personally trying to work on too many projects at once, and Bret’s absence due to many charts and many procedures, I have had many “Calgon” moments!  Thank goodness for the changing of seasons/holidays!  This helps me find a reason to work on some decorating aspect of my home.  

My latest challenge was trying to find something to put in my wire tree on my porch.  I had seen some ceramic birds at the dollar store and went there to buy enough to place in every two to three pots. However, everyone else must have liked those birds too!  There were only two left.  So I wound up buying several flower picks at Dollar General. Then I cut them apart and put a few sprigs in each pot. I cannot say that I am totally pleased with the outcome, but the “tree” is at least a cheerful greeter at my home’s entrance.  Here it is, topped off with a small angel statue:


And here is my other cheerful greeter–a new mat from Target.


Finally, here is my first REAL, Mother Nature-inspired sign of spring!


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One Response to A Calgon Moment Derailed

  1. Susan says:

    Oh how a day of sun can lift the spirits. We finally had some warm weather too which made for a perfect day outside with the kids planting in their garden. Some of the future fun you will be able to have in a couple years.

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