My Own Signs of Spring

Michigan isn’t getting a whole lot “springier” right now, so anxious people like myself must take matters into our own hands.  Here are a few signs of the new season “posted” around my home.  Many of them sprung up with the help of my mom and sister while they visited.


I bought a pair of the above wreath (for two front doors) at a store going out of business.  The wreaths looked a little bare, so I bought two framed bird pictures at T.J. Maxx for $4.99 each to hang in the center.  This reminds me of something my decorating idol, Mary Carol Garrity of Nell Hill’s, would do.


My $20 wire “tree” on the front porch (purchased at another store going out of business) holds some moss and a few sets of large plastic eggs from the local dollar store.


This bunny — another T.J. Maxx find for less than $7 — greets folks on the entryway table.


Another sign of spring in the entryway– a Joann’s egg purchased by my mom at 50% off.  Happy Easter to me!


I was so excited to find this lovely tray for about $12 (maybe less?) at Marshall’s.  It ties my birds and bunnies together in my living room.


Bunnies from Hobby Lobby flank a vintage postcard standing in an antique metal frog inside a Michael’s lantern.  Oops!  I need more moss in one of my candle holders (another Mary Carol move).


I have another frog on my side table holding a copy of a vintage postcard that arrived from With a French Accent, a shop in Liberty, MO.

Well, spring weather cannot come fast enough.  A lingering pile of snow in my front yard reminds me of the long, hard winter we’ve had on Michigan’s west shore.  A few bunnies and bits of spring nature decor make the long transition more bearable!

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3 Responses to My Own Signs of Spring

  1. Brandy says:

    Happy Spring! Yesterday it was 90 degrees here in Bakersfield. I guess you could say it was spring for about two days, and then on to fabulous summer!

  2. Jo Kalchik says:

    I love catching up on your blog Tara. You draw such lovely pictures with your words. Thank you for sharing, dear friend. Jo xx

  3. happiestmommies says:

    Brandy, you sure know how to brag! I’m jealous! Oh, how my toes long to break out of my wintery, woolen socks…

    And Jo — thanks for your kind words (again). I am so happy to know that you are in the “audience” when I write a post. Happy baby-birthing, by the way! You’ll soon know that two is divine AND derailing…Oh, the joy of it all!

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