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Deer! In My Front Yard!


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Grammar’s in the Gutter

As a stay-at-home-mom, I have increasingly noticed my grammar skills heading toward the gutter.  “Got your shoes?”  I’ll ask my two-year-old. Or, heading out the door, I’ll yell to my husband, “I just need to make a bottle real quick.” … Continue reading

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Another Baby Number Two (!), Another Shower

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A Calgon Moment Derailed

Walt had surgery this week, and things have been hectic since then. Between Walt’s cries of pain, Maggie’s sassiness and no-nap days, personally trying to work on too many projects at once, and Bret’s absence due to many charts and … Continue reading

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Scaling Mountains for Mom 2 Mom Sale

My house is full.  I cannot insert another dog, another child (snip-snip, Bret!), another stroller, another baby doll… Solution?  Well, yes, the snipping will be scheduled soon.  In addition, my girlfriends and I are going to hold a Mom 2 … Continue reading

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Easter’s Gifts

Yesterday I had a lovely Easter.  Bret and I had breakfast with the kids and then took them to church.  Afterwards, we dined at a local restaurant with another family from church.  Then we all came home to nap.  We … Continue reading

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My Own Signs of Spring

Michigan isn’t getting a whole lot “springier” right now, so anxious people like myself must take matters into our own hands.  Here are a few signs of the new season “posted” around my home.  Many of them sprung up with … Continue reading

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