Sip and See on a Sunday

Today two other ladies and I hosted a Sip and See for our girlfriend, Laura, who just had a baby. We had the post-birth gathering at my friend Judy’s house. She took care of the flowers, Laura’s corsage, and the punch and coffee. She also placed flowers on baskets for the cards and party favors.











My other friend, Jo, was in charge of tea, cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, and scones.  She is a native New Zealander and was eager to show everyone how to properly prepare and eat her homemade scones, complete with butter, jam, and Devonshire cream.  She is also quite the tea snob!  She brought her own beautiful tea pots and tea purchased in her home country.






























I took care of the cupcakes (Wal-Mart!), chocolate-dipped strawberries, deviled eggs, two “prizes” (Vera Bradley purse-sized photo books for $5 each from T.J. Maxx!), and party favors (“sweet pea” bath gel from Bath and Body Works–normally $3.50 for $1 each!).












































I had a lot of fun putting together a simple banner for the party.  I wound up making two more–one for my daughter’s room, and one for another shower I’m co-hosting in April.  The banners were inspired by some far more detailed, gorgeous ones I have seen on other blogs, including Sugar Sugar.  Here are some photos of the banners I made:






































































Once again, I took the easy route and used scraps I had around the house. Fabric would have been lovely, but I used scrapbook paper.  I sewed patterned paper to card stock along with a few other embellishments and doilies I had stashed in my kitchen cupboards.

Anyhow, the not-so-traditional shower (we politely advertised “your presence is gift enough”) was a success.  It was fun to plan and even more exciting to get away for an afternoon to gab with girlfriends while frolicking among a sweet new baby and indoor pink and floral splashes of a much-anticipated spring.

I cannot wait to do this again in about a month for my New Zealand girlfriend!  Her mother-in-law, another girlfriend, and I will be co-hosting Jo’s Sip and See at a local bed and breakfast/tea room.  I plan to refer to Loralee’s ideas for a second shower over at No Fuss Fabulous.  Her miniature tea sets are darling!

Now I must…go…to…sleep.  Too much excitement (and sugar) for one day!

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