Digital Fun with Photos

I just learned something TOTALLY COOL at Little Birdie Secrets. You can make a photo look like a 100 year old image (see example below) by using a “Japanese Time Machine.”  Pretty amazing!














While I am on the subject of digital photo enhancements, I should also mention a FREE digital scrapbooking site I stumbled upon in the blogosphere: Scrapblog.  You can easily upload pictures and create entire scrapbook pages on this site and then either print them at home or send them off to be done in a lab.  I am considering using Scrapblog to create Walt’s baby book.

Lastly, I’d like to mention another free tool, Picnik, where enhancing photos is truly as fun (and as easy) as having a picnic.  This is the site I used to make Happiest Mommies’ current banner, the place where I clean up bad photos, and my go-to for creating photo cards.  

I am constantly amazed by the possibilities technology has to offer.  Was there life before computers?

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One Response to Digital Fun with Photos

  1. Susan says:

    I’m glad that you found a digital enhancement that reflected your style so well! I have sent you my e-mail as promised and I really hope you have a chance to read through it and let me know as soon as you do. You know I am not patient.

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