Feathering a Friend’s Nest

This week has been all about helping my good friend Laura get ready for her baby, due to arrive next Tuesday.  Laura has an almost two-year-old named Mattea, and she (possibly) plans to name her second little girl “Molly.”  

Last night I made two pieces of wall art for the room that the girls will share.  I was inspired by Abby at A Feathered Nest to make the monogrammed art below.  My pieces are made with scrapbook paper and not nearly as chic as Abby’s, but I think they’ll be cute in the room nonetheless.  I referred to Abby’s tutorial over at Favecrafts for directions.


































Laura’s Aunt  Judy and I also decorated Laura’s room for her.  She wanted a serene place to spend time with the new baby. Her room before consisted of a gorgeous oak bed covered by a tired quilt she’d had for a few years, mismatched furniture, two lamps, and a few pictures here and there on the walls.  

Laura recently ordered a new dresser to match the bed, and her husband brought home two night stands from Ikea. In the meantime, Judy and I went shopping and found a new set of bedding at K-Mart, curtains, and clearance aisle accessories from Kohl’s and Target.  Judy also brought a chair and a small accent table from home. Altogether, Judy and I spent just under $300.  Here are the results:

















































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One Response to Feathering a Friend’s Nest

  1. Susan says:

    Very cute wall art! I will have to check out the tutorial to see how it was done.

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