From Frugal to Fabulous!

Most of us are needing to watch our pennies these days, but you don’t want to go “cheap” on your loved ones.  I figure if you decide you are going to be frugal on the money spent than you need to be rich on the time and creativity.  Although I am running late (like always) I decided to make a gift for my niece Madeline’s first Christmas.  Okay, I’m way late.  Since she is now only four months, I didn’t think she would notice a new outfit in her stuffed closet or another stuffed animal to pile in the corner.  While looking around at Michaels I saw these oval wood frames for $1.00 a piece.  I bought some coordinating girly papers and I had some embellishments at home that would work to decorate.  Even though it has taken me months, I am almost finished.  I still need to find a perfect ribbon to string the three frames so they will hang either in a line or in a group, I haven’t decided yet.  I thought I would share the idea with you.  I don’t think they look like dollar frames any more. But they cost $5.00 to make total.



About Susan

Obsessed with writing, baking, and Mikel Jollett. Not necessarily in that order all the time.
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