A Page a Month…

I like to scrapbook but I get overwhelmed with the whole idea of a “book.”  That seems like so many pages to completed when I’m challenged to find time to just complete a single page.  I decided this year to challenge myself to two projects–a scrapped calendar page each month and a “scrapping every day” journal.  Today, I’ll share with you the calendar.

I bought a clear calendar film and a 12 x12 frame from the craft store.  I put a metal plate in it so I would be able to apply magnets to it as well.  Each month, I complete a page for the calendar.  This has two rewards because not only to I get to enjoy the page every day of the month, but when I’m done I will have a completed book for each month of the year.

I’ll post about the other project in the upcoming weeks…



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4 Responses to A Page a Month…

  1. 1o24o6 says:

    I love that idea!

  2. Tara Autrey says:

    This is waaaaay too cute. Great idea, Sue! Is the calendar readily available at most craft stores? What section would it be found in? Scrapbooking? Thanks for sharing such a wonderful craft!

  3. Susan says:

    I found my at a Craft Warehouse (it’s on-line as well.) I’m not sure what you have on the east coast. I would assume it would need to be at a craft store that does have a scrapbooking section (more than the average Michaels.) It’s just an overlay that goes over the paper and runs about $5.99.

  4. abbebusoni says:

    That IS a great idea!!!

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