New Author to Blog

Susan Prunty, one of the four readers of this blog, is joining Happiest Mommies.  (So our audience has dwindled to three–ha!)  She will bring a unique message as a mother of two who is the out-of-home working spouse in her family.  She recently became a supervisor with a large health insurance company.  

Susan’s husband, Aaron, is a SAHD, and I am discovering that he just might be better at his job than most SAHMs.  (Who makes bread bowls, anyway?)  His insights can be found on his own blog (copycat!) at

Susan and I remain best friends after having gotten into many pickles in high school and co-editing the newspaper together our senior year.  Her mother was our journalism teacher and had a sharp eye for when we nervously returned home chewing gum.  We’d show you one of the pictures she took of us in high school, but you wouldn’t see much.  Mrs. Krausse always managed to cut off our heads.

Welcome, Susan!  Please tell us more about you in the “About the Mommies” section.

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One Response to New Author to Blog

  1. Susan says:

    Since this is the best place to reach you…I tried to log in, but it wouldn’t let me. Could you e-mail me the info? I’m very excited!

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