The Changing Discourse and Course of a Mitten Tree

I just returned from a parent coalition meeting for Great Start, and my mind is spinning again.  

While dropping the kids off in the childcare room, I heard a mom describe her son as an “apron tugger.”  During the meeting with a bunch of mostly other SAHMs (stay-at-home-moms), women introduced themselves and talked about their children being “precocious” and “spitfires.”  We talked about reading and playing with our kids, and in the background babies were crying.  I also heard the girl in charge of the kids ask one child if she needed to “go potty,” and I was instantly reminded that I needed to buy some overnight pull-ups. 

My, how the discourse AND course of my life have changed!  This morning I couldn’t help but think about the content and terminology of the meetings of my former life as a teacher.  My colleagues and I discussed grade level content and literacy and used words like “schema” and “discourse” to discuss the workings of our classrooms.  And when I got home at night, my husband and I talked about the latest restaurants, which resident was dating whom, and other topics that typical “yuppies” discussed.  Certainly the word “potty” never crossed our lips, except when we let the dog out.  

I vaguely remember overhearing a conversation between a few teachers just before I moved.  They were talking about another teacher who had left the profession and had become a “mitten tree.”  I couldn’t figure out what that meant and wound up inquiring about the term to my principal.  Never did I imagine that they could have been talking about my lifestyle today.  Hmm.

Well, if that’s me, then here are my mittens.  (And I’m proud of them!)


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One Response to The Changing Discourse and Course of a Mitten Tree

  1. Susan says:

    Although this is not on your topic, I just had to tell you. My husband has a blog! It’s so funny because when we disagree about something he tells me “that’s going on the blog.” When I call to check in during the day, he jokes that he was just getting off the blog. I have read his blog and it’s so cute. You must check it out. It’s the clear stay at home dad perspective–very interesting. I will tell him to post his recipes too. You have to check it out!

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