Easy, “Bulky,” Tasty Cornbread

Five thirty AM has come too soon again. Both kids were screaming at the top of their lungs at the crack of dawn. Bret was able to get Maggie back to sleep, but I did not have similar luck with Walt. So here I am at the kitchen table, trying to peel my eyes open with coffee, while Walt plays in his high chair. Such a glamorous life.

I have already checked out my favorite blogs for new text. Honestly, I think I enjoy the photos just as much as what the authors have to say. It’s like opening a favorite magazine to a gorgeous layout–every day!

Yesterday a friend came over for dinner since her husband is out of town. I made chili, fruit salad, and cornbread (I know, Mom–too much starch!).

The Jiffy cornbread mix didn’t look like it would go too far, so I bulked it up with about 1/3 cup whipped cream cheese and half a can or so of corn. YUM! I was shocked when three moist, tasty pieces (and five for my pregnant friend) later I realized that I had deviated from a recipe and the result was (for once) successful. Bret really liked it too.  And there was plenty to go around–I believe sixteen good-sized portions in all.











When it was time for my friend and her daughter to leave after eating our lovely meal, Maggie was full of hugs and kisses.














On another note…I threw out a huge batch of applesauce yesterday.  The texture was HORRIBLE!  Too creamy with no typical graininess.  What went wrong?  I used my food processor instead of the antique whatchamajig; that could have been it.  Or did I overcook my apples?  

My Domestic Diva status has taken a huge hit.

Finally, I must share that I am heartbroken.  A very good, old friend has ceased to exist.  Home Companion will no longer greet me at my mailbox every two months.  This publication was truly some of the glue that bonded my mom and me.  We would talk about articles on the phone or sit side by side and thumb through Home Companion‘s pages for hours on end.  Some of our best creations were inspired by this delightful, artsy friend.  Sorry, but the Martha Stewart magazine that will be coming to finish out my subscription simply won’t do.  I am in mourning.

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One Response to Easy, “Bulky,” Tasty Cornbread

  1. Aaron says:

    You’re brave. I love cooking, really love it; however, it’s one of those things that I think I love for the analytical aspects. Yes, I’m sure it’s an art, or an art form, but for me, having a recipe makes it much more a computation. Add this to that, carry the one, a pinch of salt and voila! Adding something not explicitly listed in the recipe or direction takes courage. More power to you, and I’m glad it turned out great!

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