Big Dreams in a Small Town

The honeymoon is over with Walt.  He used to be so quiet, so docile.  I think he’s figured out from Maggie that screaming will get you everywhere. I could go on about how I slept so little last night, but that’s soooooo overdone in the mommy world.  Two words will suffice: I’m tired.

Anyhow, good news!  I received a lovely email from one of the organizers of Pink Christmas.  She asked me to join the task force for the coming year and asked me to write a letter to the editor regarding Pink Christmas.  The city will soon decide whether to support the campaign for another two years, and the “pink group” is trying to gather evidence of support and success in order to convince them.  With their blessing, there will be more pink lights, pink window decorations, pink events at Christmas and otherwise, etc.  I am not sure that I can follow Brad Reed and a breast cancer survivor (both wrote pink letters), but I’ll do what I can.

Other good news!  We now have a small skating rink in Ludington.  Haven’t seen it with my own eyes, but I’ve heard positive press about it.  AND…rumor is, we are going to have a FARMER’S MARKET in the same location this summer!  Okay, so the romance of all of this is just too much; I love small town activities, and these two things rate right up there with annual parades showcasing children on trikes and Santa on a float.  However, the farmer’s market excites me for another reason.  

I am wondering whether the organizers of the market might allow wanna-be creative folks like myself to sell their handmade wares.  Forget the fact that I have two small children and a husband who rounds every Saturday morning…I’ll get around that detail.  But what about selling a few treasured items?  Perhaps some stained tags, the pendants I’ve been wanting to make FOREVER, and–the Fourth is pretty big around here–some patriotic stuffed hearts like the ones my mom and I are making for the family reunion.  Okay, so I’ll be out of town for the reunion, but I could sell a few items before I leave, right? 

Here are the hearts that I’m thinking of.  Notice the stack under the bag of tags to still stuff!
























Other news…Maggie had her second birthday celebration on Wednesday with all of her “aunties” and “grandmas/nanas.”  Here are a few photos from the lunch at Scotty’s.




















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2 Responses to Big Dreams in a Small Town

  1. Susan says:

    I came to this site to see if anything new was up to be read. Even though I just promised my children a walk in the brisk Oregon air, I just had to reply on this entry. I have a love/hate relationship with my small town. My favorite times are running into someone I know at the store. To some this may be a nuisance, but I always see it as a wonder since it never happed in my seven years in southern California. But then there are the other days were I wish for a bigger land not cut off by city limits. So maybe this is where this need comes from…finding a purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I know motherhood is the greatest purpose, but that nagging need for more comes through in everything. So today it’s crafting for you and book writting for me. We are so drawn to it. We can’t seem to give it up even when we tell ourselves that we want to, that we are content with all the blessings we have. This is what I thought when I read about your Farmers Market idea. Maybe it’s not creating something that is complete ours, but allowing ourselves the time to create it. Giving ourselves the okay to work on something other than laundry and dinner without feeling guilty or like we are wasting precious time with our families. Speaking of….I have a walk I promised and they are coming to collect.

  2. Brandy says:

    Love the tea stained tags, my friend. You are so very creative.

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