Impromptu Party (Almost) Stress-Free

I just hosted a very small, little stress 2nd birthday party for Maggie.  I knew I didn’t want to do a formal party this year with 40-50 people sitting on top of each other in my living room (did that for birthday #1).  So I thought we’d just do a play date with a couple of friends one day and go to lunch with all of the adopted “aunties” and “grandmas/nanas” from the office another day.  Then, when I went to Muskegon with my two close friends on Friday, we bought a cake and decided to have our play date — with husbands and visiting in-laws from Kansas — on Sunday.

Before I knew it, a couple of other special friends in Maggie’s life called and wondered if they could drop off gifts.  So I invited them too.  I kept using the word “casual” to describe what was going to take place.  And casual it was.

We had fifteen here for the gathering, including kids.  The men watched the game in the family room while the women watched the kids (typical, eh?) in the playroom.  No one sat on top of anyone else (except kids on laps, of course).  We ate on paper plates when the pizza arrived, everyone got their own drinks, and we followed with cake and presents after that.

The only stressful moments occurred just before the party when we didn’t know whether the snow plowers were going to arrive in time to let everyone in and during gift opening.  I was also embarrassed because Maggie wasn’t interested in opening anything else after about two packages.  But the snow did get cleared, and no one seemed to be hurt by Maggie’s indifference.

I even threw together party favors–with the help of my mother in-law–at the last minute.  They were full of candy and Valentine’s day goodies.

In all, it was a good party.  I told the guests not to be surprised if I called them for an impromptu gathering the day before her birthday again next year!







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